Is Flash the new king of comic book TV?
My personal favorite Flash cover from Flash Rebirth

Last week the new show Flash premiered and it received the top ratings of any CW show.  The show also topped the ratings of Agents of SHIELD (Something Arrow has never been able to do).

Beyond the ratings though the show was good, it was very good.  Perhaps most importantly it delivers what Comic Book Fans want.  Flash has "Super" heroes facing off against "Super" villains.  This show may make attempts to stay grounded but it going to give the fans exactly what they want.

In the premiere of Flash we are treated to seeing Flash face off against a super villain, but also see glimpses of others.  We see a broken cell with name Grodd above it.  This is an obvious reference to the evil genuis gorilla villain named ...."Grodd."  We also see quite a bit of "Reverse Flash" and his alter ego Eddie Thrawn.  Right off the bat and the show is dealing with 2 super villains and has a super hero to battle them.

Both Agents of SHIELD and Arrow have begun adding a variety of villains of both the masked and super variety to their shows.  Both shows were set up though to deal with the non-super characters.  I am not sure why this formula was pursued but now both shows are trying to flee this DNA and as organically as possible add in superheroes and super villains.

In this though, Flash has the upper hand.  It begins with a superhero A Lister, member of the Justice League as its main character.  This is its formula, this is its initial design, it does not need to be tweaked, it can run on the legs it already has.

As much as I love Agents of SHIELD and Arrow, I can't help but think Flash now has the advantage.

Comic Book TV shows who will reign supreme?
There are other new shows coming, Daredevil is in the works, Gotham is out, Constantine is coming soon, and Walking Dead is still going full throttle ahead.   Which shows will do the best out of this group?  My own personal inclinations would still have Agents of SHIELD at the top.  This is due to my love of the Marvel Universe and mining out the details and Easter Eggs out of what they show.   If I had to hold out my wanton love of MCU aside and rank them in an unbiased manner here is how I would rank them.

1) Walking Dead
2) Flash
3) Daredevil / Defenders saga
4) Agents of SHIELD
5) Arrow
6) Constantine
7) Peggy Carter
8) Gotham

What really kills me looking at this list is that I like all of these shows.  Every single one is better than what I grew up with, but the competition is right now is fierce and getting fiercer.  This list is not even taking into account shows like Grimm and Sleepy Hollow which have Comic Book elements in them.  Even I question how many of these shows can be sustained.  Are we hitting a saturation point with Comic Book shows? 

I don't know.  I guess we will need to watch the ratings of all of them going forward.  How would you rank the Comic Book Shows?  Are you having trouble following them all?

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