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There have been multiple X-Men films made by Fox.  This page is designed to track the latest news in the X Universe.

Logan for the Oscars?
Fox took an unusual step and began mailing out For you Consideration DVDs for Logan out to the academy.  This move was reported by Deadline Hollywood.  According Deadline, Fox has never been this fast to send out these promotions.  They currently are the first to send out the DVDs for this years cycle of possible award winning films.  It seems that Fox really wants academy to treat Logan as a serious contender for awards.
While comicbook films rarely do well with the academy, Logan had stronger emotional notes and played on the big screen much like the Westerns of old.  In particular, Logan is often compared the great Western film Shane for giving both Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Patrick Stewart's Xavier a ride off into the sunset.

New Films:
Fox has listed the names for two new X-Men films according to My Entertainment World the films are New Mutants and Supernova.  Interestingly it seems the plan is for the films to begin filming only a month apart.

X-Men: New Mutants

Shoot Date: April 2017
Location: Montreal Canada
Story: Film is about a new group of teenaged mutant superheroes trained at the Xavier institute.

X-Men: Supernova

Shoot Date: May 2017
Location: Montreal Canada

Story: Unknown - Potentially dark phoenix saga reexplored.

X-Men: Supernova:

There have rumblings the a new X-Men will redo the phoenix saga that somewhat depicted in the highly panned X-Men: The Last Stand.  The story is very popular so my guess is this what X-Men: Supernova is.  Supernova may just be a code name and a place holder for the film at this point.


Wolverine 3 has the title of Logan. The movie is thought to be the final film that Hugh Jackman will depict Wolverine.  It is possible that as this is the last Wolverine film with Hugh Jackman that Wolverine dies in it.  Director James Mangold has said that the film will depict the most vulnerable Wolverine that an audience has seen.

Chalk me up as a huge fan as the trailer in general.  Bizarrely though my favorite version is this black and white trailer that plays off especially from the Johnny Cash cover of NIN's Hurt.
Both versions are great though check them both out below.

What we Know:

No official synopsis has been released yet.


These are potential Villains as much of the film is still secret
  • Zander Rice - Scientist who creates X-23 may be an alternate identity of Sinister or his own character.
  • The Bangers - May be a version of Nth Command or just thugs
  • The Reavers - The Reavers have now been shown and are clearly in the film.  These are cyborgnetically enhanced Mutant killing mercenaries.

The film will take off after the events of X-Men Apocalypse.    Wolverine will be older and an alcoholic.  He will have chronic pain do to his weakening healing factor and be using alcohol as a painkiller.  At the end of X-Men Apocalypse it was revealed that Nathaniel Essex or Mister Sinister acquired samples of Wolverine's blood that he will have seemingly used to experiment with. These experiments will lead to the creation of a clone of Wolverine called X-23.  This young female clone of Logan will force Wolverine out of retirement.

Patrick Stewart will also play an older Charles Xavier in the series.  Like Logan his powers are greatly diminished and he is struggling with dementia.

In the trailer he stills seems to have a fairly strong sense of what is going on around him but I think its fairly likely that he goes in and out of lucidity.  He has not been shown using his powers in the trailer so its unclear what help Xavier will be able to offer Wolverine.

It is seems likely that Logan will borrow some influence from a few story lines. One that is expected to influence is Old Man Logan another is the story of X-23.  There will also be influences from Mister Sinister stories.

There are also hints that aspects of the Death of Wolverine comic series may be used.  This may be a film where Wolverine does in fact die.

The Film is said to be much darker and more violent than previous X-Men films and MAY have an R-Rating.

Pictures released:

A photo posted by @wponx on

Could this be Arcade? Caliban? Or the Reavers?

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Pierce Leader of the Reavers
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Potentially Mister Sinister or Zander Rice at a motel. Hard to tell name of Motel.
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Can some one please give me a hand.........awww crap sorry about that.
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Aviso - location of the film
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Important characters:

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