Will Fitz get a monkey?

Will Leo Fitz get a monkey?

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Fitz has now mentioned getting  a monkey multiple times on the show.  I thought it was just a running gag and an inside joke.
I mean they wouldn't really get Fitz his own monkey would they? or...would they.

Mentions of Monkey's by Fitz:

From the "The Well":
Grant Ward: Necessary precaution. We don't want anything alien getting in the wrong hands.
Leo Fitz: Still, this is definitely the type of work that a monkey could easily do.
Grant Ward: You are our little monkey.

From "The Asset"
Melinda May: Without a man inside, it's impossible, unless you're immune to pulse laser emissions.
Leo Fitz: If we had a monkey, we could get in. If we had a small monkey, he could slip through the sensors and disable the fence's power source with his adorable little hands.

In the upcoming comicbook SHIELD by Mark Waid a monkey is clearly shown sitting on Fitz's shoulder.  I have heard that this monkey is being described as Fitz's helper monkey.  So what do you think will Fitz get his chance to have a pet monkey is season 2 or is this just some fun in the comics?

Notice Fitz's monkey

Cartoon called "No Monkey For You" by Saturn-Kitty

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