Who is Deadpool? How dare you ask that!


Who is Deadpool?  How dare you ask that!

Question - Who is Deadpool?

Answer- Everyone already knows who Deadpool is.  BOOM!

Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok I will write about who Deadpool is but you need to give me a taco first.  I suppose it is always possible you were born yesterday or have been on time traveling adventures for the past 100 years with an alien who speaks in a British accent and whose only weapon is a sonic screw driver.

Deadpool News:

Deadpool first trailer NOW OUT OFFICIALLY

Deadpool Multimedia:

Deadpool is a popular Marvel anti-hero who has acted as a villain, a hero, and simply a hired gun.  Refering to often mercenary status and habit of talking ...a lot, his moniker is the "Merc with a Mouth".   Deadpool is disfigured, mentally insane, and he knows that he is in a comic book and often breaks the fourth wall.  Deadpool first appeared in 1991 in the comic New Mutants #98.  He later appeared in X-Force, then in Cable.  He appeared in numerous Wolverine stories often as a villain.  As his popularity exploded he began appearing in his own titles.

Deadpool became an action/comedy anti-hero parody that poked fun of the dark, anti-hero stories that were very popular in the 90s.  The dark anti-hero stories are not as popular anymore but curiously Deadpool still is.

There is a wide variety of Deadpool merchandise including t-shirts, toys and video games.  Deadpool appeared in the movie Wolverine: X-Men Origins.  He was played by actor Ryan Reynolds.  In an act of insane stupidity the movie altered Deadpool by sewing his mouth shut ....... ????? ............ .HUH? .....??......Someone please give that writer a Snickers bar.  You are using a character who goes by "Merc with A Mouth" and you sew his mouth shut?  Fox is getting another chance though as they have announced a Deadpool movie set to be released on Feb 12, 2016.

Deadpool is very similar and likely based off of the DC character Deathstroke.  Deadpool's name Wade Wilson is a play on Deathstroke's name Slade Wilson.   Deadpool also is similar in appearance to Spiderman and both share a penchant for bantering that throws off their opponents.


His true back story is nearly a complete mystery it is not clear if it will ever be known due to Deadpool's mental instability.

Is Wade Wilson his real name?  Possibly.  One of Deadpool's villain's T-Ray claims he is the true Wade Wilson and Deadpool was a murderer who stole his name.

He has been depicted as both Canadian and an American.

His father could be the Norse god Loki, or a decorated war hero.

All of these and more are possibilities, depending on who is writing Deadpool at the time.

What is known is that he goes into the world as a soldier, mercenary and assassin.  At some point he learns he is sick with terminal cancer and is contacted by Department K.  Working for department K he is in love with a mutant Copycat.  He breaks things off with Copycat when he gets an offer from Weapon X that they can cure him of his cancer.  They tell him they can cure his cancer and give him a healing factor based off of Wolverine.  The healing factor never quite works right in Deadpool the cancer and the healing factor counter act in weird ways, making him both insane and disfigured.

At first Deadpool's healing factor does not seem to work at all.  He is considered a failure and sent to the "Workshop".  The "Workshop" is basically a hospice/jail/medical facility where failed superhuman experiments go to die.  The hospice is run by the evil Dr Killbrew and his sadistic assistant Ajax.  The prisoners enter into a pool on who will die first, and this pool is called the Deadpool.  At the hospice Deadpool is tortured by Killbrew and Ajax.   A fellow patient is brutally lobotomized by Killbrew as an act of mercy Deadpool kills him.  Killing patients is considered against the rules and Ajax punishes Deadpool by ripping out his heart.

With his heart ripped out it seems that it is over for Wade Wilson but something miraculous happens.  The seething raw emotion of wanting revenge jump starts his failing healing factor.  It does not cure his scarring but it does regenerate his heart.  He then kicks the crap of out of Ajax.  Upon escaping from the hospice he takes the name of Deadpool for being the survivor of pool.


Powers and Skills:
Erratic Healing factor that allows him to regrow limbs, organs and heal wounds.  The more damage done to Deadpool the faster the healing factor seems to work.

The healing factor also enhances his strength, durability, and speed, to super human levels.

Though insane, Deadpool is also kind of a mad genius often coming up with creative out of the box ideas that no rational person would come up with.  This makes his actions unpredictable.

Extremely advanced fighting skills both due to his heightened reflexes and history as a soldier and mercenary.

Deadpool has at various points used a variety of items to enhance himself this includes all manner of weapons, teleportation devices, bombs, holographic projectors, and even a magic bag that can hold a ton of stuff.

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