Who is Comanche?

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Who is Comanche?

Comanche is a Luke Cage villain who has ties to Luke Cage's early gang days.  He is known for using Native American weapons like a bow and arrow as well as knives.  Comanche has typically worked with a partner named Shades.  Commanche appears in the Luke Cage Netflix series and is played by Thomas Q. Jones.

Real Name: Darius Jones

Alias(es): Comanche

First Appearance: Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #1

Affiliation: Flashmob

Comanche and Shades were members of Luke Cage's street gang the Harlem Rivals.  This is prior to Luke Cage quitting the gang and trying to go legit.  Neither Comanche nor Shades take Lucas leaving the gang personally.  Shortly, after Lucas is sent to Seagate Prison both Comanche and Shades are busted and find themselves there as well.  After Lucas escapes they decide to escape to.  The two hoodlums meet up against Lucas who has changed his name to Luke Cage.  The two crooks decide to call themselves the Hoodlums for hire.  While Luke Cage stops them, neither Shades or Comanche reveal Luke Cage's real name when captured by the police.

Shades eventually leaves the duo and goes legit.  Comanche remains a criminal on the other side of the law.

Comanche later shows up in the gang of Luke Cage villains known as the Flashmob.  They are beaten by Powerman and his hero for hire allies.


Comanche does not have super powers.  He does have a variety of martial and criminal skills.

Skills -
Can use a variety of weapons that tend to have a Native American theme.
Skilled Archer

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