Update on Manara's canceled covers - Marvel backtracks further

Manara cover of Uncanny Avengers 8
Comic Book Resources (CBR) reported that Marvel's Editor in Chief Axel Alonso is reporting that the Manara covers for Thor 2 (Featuring the new female Thor) and Avengers & X-Men Axis #1 were canceled but not due to the controversy created by the Marysue.  Alonso claims that the covers were canceled due to Scheduling conflicts with Manara.

Marvel bows down to mob and throws Manara covers into the fire 

I look at this comment and say.........YEAH RIGHT.  If you are going to bow down to a mob at least have the stones to come out and be honest about it.  I can think of very few times where covers are canceled like this.  Does Manara really have conflicting projects for a bigger name than Marvel?
This excuse insults the intelligence of all comic fans.

Marvel is trying to ease the tensions of the mob.  They want to brand themselves as the pro female & pro diversity comic company and the new Thor book is critical to that image.  They are making a female Thor who won't be called She Thor or Lady Thor but just Thor.  She will carry the hammer of Thor.  I have fully supported this move and think it will be a lot of fun.  The company though behind closed doors has obviously thought well not let this Manara controversy tarnish are big female power bash.

You can read my previous posts on the female Thor here:
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I see this as weak, and cowardly.

If I were Marvel I would change the commission of Manara's cover.  I would make it of a female Thor with a shirt that says "I can be sexy if I want to" and giving the bird to writers of the Marysue who would be dressed as Gestapo.

That is the attitude of a bold Marvel that stands up for the first amendment and artistic freedom that I support.

Always be skeptical of those who want to control what you are allowed to hear, see and read....ALWAYS.

History repeat itself.
Thank you Mary Sue

Marvel bows down to mob and throws Manara covers into the fire

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