Top 10 Villains of Agents of SHIELD

The top 10 villains who could be appearing soon on Agents of SHIELD!

1) Graviton
Who is Graviton? 

2) Griffin
Who is Griffin? 

3) Zodiac Group
Who is the Zodiac Group? 

  4) The Blizzard

Who is Blizzard?

5) The Absorbing Man
Who is the Absorbing Man?

6) The Kraken
Who is Kraken? 

7) Manthing
 Who is Manthing?

8) Lorelei
Who is Lorelei? Was she sent by Loki? 

9) Deathlok
Who is Deathlok? is he friend? or foe? 

10) Grant Ward
Grant Ward - The ultimate villain or misunderstood hero?  


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