The top 3 villains of Daredevil
The top 3 Villains of Daredevil!  While the man without fear has many villains 3 villains stand out.

1) The Kingpin -
The Frank Miller years took the Spiderman villain known as the Kingpin and made him into the primary antagonist of Daredevil.  The Frank Miller stories are so popular that it is hard to see another character act as Daredevil nemesis.

Who is the Kingpin?

Kingpin News:
The Kingpin has been cast!

2)  Elektra -
Sometimes lover sometimes enemy there are few characters more electric than Elektra.

Who is Elektra?

Elektra News:
Electra Art and Cosplay 
Rosario Dawson to play Elektra?

3) Bullseye
With agility that nearly matches Daredevil's own and his own ruthless fighting style Bullseye is the closest Daredevil comes to fighting a dark version of himself.

Who is Bullseye?

Bullseye News:
Bullseye art and cosplay

Who is Daredevil?
Defenders Saga News and Casting HUB 

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