Skye picture from Season 2

Picture from scene of Agents of SHIELD premiere

We only have one week until the premiere of season 2 on Sep 23rd!

What do you make from this image from Agents of SHIELD season 2?

You see a picture of Skye with a concerned look on her face as she watches the Coulson/Garrett drawn symbols flash past.  Skye was also given the GH 325 serum could this be her sorting out her own version of the symbols?
My suspicion is that symbols represent a Marvel super power often associated with Kree super heroes called Cosmic Awareness.

Maybe will get some answers to the many Questions on Skye and Coulson.

Skye Questions:
 Coulson Questions

Marvel release a new trailer set to the song High Way to Hell
AC DC High to Hell Agents of SHIELD Trailer

Link to first trailer below:
Agents of SHIELD - Season 2 Trailer! 

More release pictures to the premiere:

Hello Peggy Carter
Yes Peggy Carter will appear in the premiere along with some Howling Commandos:
Haley Atwell / Peggy Carter to appear on Agents of SHIELD Season 2
5 reasons to be excited for Agent Carter?

I really dig this Hydra symbol, I want to buy one for my house

Coulson addressing his new team

Here you can see some of the new agents: Isabelle Hartley played by Lucy Lawless and Lance Hunter played by Nick Blood.

 Isabelle Hartley: Bio, News

    Lance Hunter: Bio, News

I am a life model decoy

Hunting the Absorbing Man?

This will not end well

Actors discussing scene with director

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