Peggy Carter scene reveals GH325 and Kree connection

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Picture of Kree Body
Update July 27, 2017 - With the news that Captain Marvel is being in the 1990s and will feature Nick Fury, the Skrulls and the Kree Skrull War this post on the Kree Corpse in Agents of SHIELD takes on new meaning.

Some food for thought to consider:

Peggy Carter would likely be in her prime as a spy in the 1990s when the Captain Marvel is being depicted.  She would also be one of the only people to know something about the Kree in that she is the one who rounded up the Kree artifacts as depicted in Agents of SHIELD S2 episode 1.  Fury who  would be a younger agent in the 90s but may either be sent by Peggy or have to seek Peggy out to learn about the Kree.

If Fury knew about the Kree Skrull War then he likely knew exactly what the corpse was used to create GH 325 the serum that brought Coulson back to life.

It also seems likely that Fury knows what the group is that housed the body and created the serum.  This group is very mysterious and the only facts we have about them are that they are not SHIELD or Hydra and that they came into possession of the Kree body that had previousily been housed by the SSR.  I have long thought that this group is SWORD, and also think that they could be revealed in Agents of SHIELD Season 5 or in Captain Marvel.

If the Kree corpse remains one of the primary artifacts about the Kree it seems likely in the event of an alien attack that Fury or SHIELD would be asked to revisit.  This could lead to a tie in between Peggy Carter / Agents of SHIELD and the film Captain Marvel.

A variety of Kree characters could be depicted in the film.  Korath, Ronan would still be alive and so would be possibilities.  The characters Doctor Minerva, Captain Atlas, the Supreme Intelligence, and Supremor are also all possibilities.

Could an artifact taken by Peggy also lead to Carol Danvers getting her powers years later.  The Negabands?

The Blue Corpse in Agents of SHIELD
I have now re watched the premiere of Agents of SHIELD Season 2 and caught something hiding.  In the scene with Peggy Carter there is a crate.  Dum Dum Dugan is lifting the lid but Peggy quickly puts her hand down covering it.  What is inside the crate?

If you pause it you can clearly see a blue body.   Very similar if not identical to the blue corpse used to create the serum that brought Coulson back to life. In fact the markings on the arm of the body really look identical.  I have long believed the body to be a Kree alien and I think we may soon find out.
Likely the same body? Arm mark looks the same

Also interesting is that the 084 now in possession of the Absorbing Man has similar markings to those that Coulson and Garrett were etching.  This 084 seems like it could be connected in some fashion to the Kree.   I even wonder if they could somehow tie into the Kree Nega bands that give Quasar his power.  This Obelisk is later revealed to something that a device used for Terregensis to make Inhumans.

It is interesting now to think that Hydra initially had the blue corpse, what ever it ends up being as well as other devices that likely came with it.  It is still not clear what happens to all of this stuff after Peggy Carter marks it with an S.S.R.  While the S.S.R. sounds like a pre-SHIELD organization the blue body ends up in a non-SHIELD facility could the SSR actually become a separate organization known only to the Director of SHIELD?

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