The Great BIG Marvel Character Bio List

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Marvel Character Bios ( A to Z)

Welcome to the heart of the Toylab Marvel Wiki the Marvel Character bio list.  This page lists all of the profiles alphabetically. Certain Marvel places and races may appear as characters if they act as a character in stories.


Each Bio serves as a hub for extra information on a character including, news, art and video. 

Abbot Thanademos - Iron Fist villain 
Who is Abigail Brand?
 Who is the Absorbing Man?
Who is Achebe? (Black Panther villain)
 Who is Adam Warlock?
Who is Agent 33? 
Who is Agent Carter? 
Who is AIDA? 
Who is Ajax (Francis) - Deadpool Villain 
Who is Angel Dust?
Who is Ant-Man? 
 Antoinne Triplett: Bio, News    
Who is Whiplash? Anton Vanko 
Who is Apocalypse 
 Who is Arkon?
 What is Attilan? 
Who is Ayesha?

Who is Barracuda? (Punisher Villains) 
Who is Baron Mordo? Strange's Arch Nemesis 
Who is Baron Von Strucker?
Who is Baron Zemo? (Helmut) 
Who is Baron Zemo? (Heinrich) 
Who is Ben Grimm aka the Thing? 
Who is Blackbolt? Why is he so powerful?
Who is the Black Cat?
Who is Black Mariah? 
Who is the Black Panther? 
Who is Black Widow - Natasha Romanoff 
Who is Blade (Eric Brooks)? 
Who is Blade (Fallon Grey)?  
Beta Ray Bill
 Who is Blizzard?
Bride of Nine Spiders - Marvel hero / villain
Who is Brock Rumlow AKA Crossbones? 
Who is Bruce Banner - Hulk?
Who is Budo - Hand/Snakeroot
Who is Bullseye?
Who is Bushmaster?
Who is Bushwacker?


Who is Cable?
Who is Captain America aka Sam Wilson
Who is Captain America / Steve Rogers 
Who is Calvin Zabo AKA Mister Hyde? 
Who is Carina - The Collector's Daughter 
Who is Carol Danvers? Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel
Who are the Celestials
Who is Charlie-27?
Who are the Chaste? 
Who is Chemistro?
Who is Cheshire Cat?
Who is Chi'-Lin? (Iron Fist Villain)
Who is Clea? - Doctor Strange love interest 
Who is Clint Barton aka Hawkeye? 
Who is Cloak?
Who is Cock Roach Hamilton?
Who is the Collector
Colleen Wing - Marvel Hero
Who is Colossus? 
Who is Comanche?
Who is Copycat? 
Who is Cornell Cottonmouth? 
Who is Corvus Glaive?
Who is Cosmo the space dog? 
Who is Crossbones? 
Who is Crystal?

Who is Daisy Johnson aka Quake?
Who is Lord Daito - Hand/Snakeroot
Who is Dante AKA Inferno? 
Who is Daken?
 Who is Daredevil?
Who is Deacon Frost? 
Who is Deadpool? 
 Who is Deathlok?
Who is Devil Dinosaur? 
Doctor Doom! Bio and History 
Who is Doctor Minerva? 
 Who is Doctor Strange?
Who is Doka - Hand/Snakeroot
Who is Dominic Fortune?
Who is Domino?
 Who is Dormammu?
Who is Dracula?  
 Who is Drax?

Who is Ebony Maw?
Who is Eden Fesi aka Manifold
Who is Eldrac the Door?
 Who is Elektra?
Who is the Enchantress? 
Who is Ennilux Capo? 
Who is Enteki - Hand/Snakeroot
Who is Ego the Living Planet?
Who is Eric Brooks aka Blade? 
Who is Eric O'Grady aka Ant-Man?  

Who is th Falcon aka Sam Wilson
Who are the Faltine? 
Who is Fallon Grey aka Blade?  
Who is Fandral? 
Who is Fantomex?  
Fat Cobra - Marvel hero
Who is Feruze - Hand/Snakeroot
Who is Finn Fang Foom - Marvel Monster
Who is Finn Cooley?
Who is Flint?
Who is Francis (Ajax) - Deadpool Villain 
Who is Franken Castle? -(Punisher turned into Frankenstein) 
Who is Frank McGee / Nur 

 Who is Gamora?
Who is Genkotsu - Hand/Snakeroot
Who is Ghost?
Who is Ghost-Maker - Hand/Snakeroot/Russian KGB
Ghost Rider
Who is Gideon Mallick? (Agents of SHIELD) 
Who is Gigantus / Goliath? - Marvel Monster
Who is Gladiator aka Melvin Potter? 
Goomgam - Marvel Monster
Gorgilla - Marvel Monster
Who is Gorgon (Inhuman)? 
 Grant Ward: Bio, News     
Who is Graviton? 
Who is Griffin?
Who is Groot?
Grottu King of the Insects
Who is Grove? (Lor Tribe Inhuman)

Who is the Hand?
Who is Hank Pym? (Ant-Man, Giantman, Yellow Jacket) 
Who is Hawkeye? 
Who is Hela? -Thor Villain
Who is Heimdall? 
Who is Hellcat?
Who is Hellfire? 
 Who is Henry Hayes ie Deathlok?
Who is Hogun? 
Who is Hope Van Dyne? 
Who is Hulk?
Who is Hulkverine?
Who is the Human Torch? 


Who are the Inhumans?
Who is Inferno AKA Dante 
Who is the Invisible Woman?
Who is Iron Fist? 
Ironheart / Riri Williams
Who is Iron Man? 
Isabelle Hartley: Bio, News

Who is the Janet van Dyne AKA Wasp? 
Jemma Simmons: Bio, News
Who is Jessica Jones?
Who is Jigsaw? Punisher Villain
Who is the Johnny Storm / Human Torch?  
Who is J'son of Spartax - StarLord's Father?
JT Taylor AKA Hellfire 

Who is Kacy? (Lor Tribe Inhuman) 
Who is Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel? 
Who is Karnak?
Who is Keep? 
Who is Khan?
 Who is the Kingpin?
Who is Kirigi? of the Hand 
Who is Kismit?
Who is Klaw? Why is he central to the Black Panther Mythos? 
 Who is Korath the Pursuer?
Who is Kraken?
Who is Kraven the Hunter?
Who is Krugarr?
Lance Hunter: Bio, News
Who is Lash? 
Who is Leland Owlsley aka The Owl 
Leo Fitz: Bio, News
Who is Lilith (vampire)? 
Who is Lilith (Mother of Demons)? 
Who is Lincoln on Agents of SHIELD 
Who is Lineage? 
Living Statue - Marvel Monsters
Who is Loki? 
Who is Lord Daito - Hand/Snakeroot
Who is Luke Cage? Powerman?
Who is Luther Manning ie Deathlok?

Who is Ma Gnucci? Punisher Villain
Who is Madame Hydra?
Who is Madame Mask? 
Who is Malekith the Accursed?
Who is Man Ape? 
Who is Manifold aka Eden Fesi
Who is Mantis?
Who is Mar Vel? 
Who is Marie Laveau?
Who is Whiplash? Mark Scarlotti 
Who is Master Izo? of the Chaste 
Who is Master Khan?
Who is Master Pandemonium?
Who is Max (Punisher's guard dog) 
Who is Maximus the Mad? 
Who is Medusa?
Melinda May: Bio, News
Who is Melvin Potter aka Gladiator? 
Who is Mephisto? 
Who is Michael Collins ie Deathlok?
Who is Michael Peterson ie Deathlok?  
Who is Microchip (Punisher villains / allies)
Who are the Midnight Angels? (Black Panther Villain) 
Who is Miles Morales - Spider-Man? 
Who is Minn-Erva - Doctor Minerva?  
Who is Mister Fantastic?
Who is Mister Hyde?  
Who is Mister Sinister?
Who is Misty Knight? 
Who is Mockingbird?
Monstrom - Marvel Monster
Moomba - Marvel Monster
Who is Moon-Boy?
Who is Moondragon? 
Who is Moon-Girl? 
Who is Moon Knight?
Who is Mother Bones? (Lor Tribe Inhuman)
Who is Morlun?
Who is Morgana Blessing - Doctor Strange love interest 
Who is Moses Magnum? 
Who is Mr. Fish?
Who is Ms Marvel aka Kamala Khan? 
Mummex - Marvel Monster
Who is Mysterio? 

Who is Naja? 
Who is Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow?
Who is Nebula
Who is Negasonic Teenage Warhead? 
Who is Nightshade? 
Who is Nitro?
Who is Nova?
Who is Nur / Frank McGee? 

Who is Odin? 
Orrgo - Marvel Monster
Who is Osaku - Hand/Snakeroot/ Russian KGB
Who is The Owl aka Leland Owlsley 

Who is Paibok?

Who is Patsy Walker aka Hellcat?
Who is Paragon?
Who is Peter Parker / Spider-Man?
Who is Peggy Carter?   
Who is Pennance? 
Phil Coulson: Bio, News  
Who is Phobos?
Who is Phyla Vell?
Who is Powerman AKA Luke Cage?
Who is the Punisher (Frank Castle)? 
Who is the Purple Man?
Who is the Prowler?
Who is Proxima Midnight?

Who is Quake aka Daisy Johnson?
Who is Quicksilver? 

Who is Rawlins - Punisher Villain
Who is Red Wolf? 
Who is Reader? 
Who is Reed Richards - Mister Fantastic?
Who is Rhodey Rhodes - War Machine? 
Who is Rich Rider - Nova?
Riri Williams / Ironheart
Who is Robbie Baldwin aka Speedball / Penance? 
Who is Rocket Raccoon?

Who is Ronan the Accuser? 
Who is the Russian? Punisher Villain

Who is th Sam Wilson aka The Falcon
Who is Santa Claus
 Who is Scarlet Witch   
Who is Scimitar? - Iron Fist villain
Who is the Scorpion?
Who is Scott Lang aka Ant-Man? 
Who is Scythe? (Iron Fist Villain)
 Who is Shades?
Who is Shaft? of the Chaste 
Shang Chi - Marvel Hero
Who is Shatter Star?
Who is Shocker? Spider-Man Villain
Who is Sif? 
Who is Silk? 
Who is Silver Dagger? 

Silver Sable 

Who are the Skrulls?

Who is Skurge the Executioner? 
 Who is Skye from Agents of SHIELD?
Who is Slingshot aka Yo-Yo Rodriguez? 
Who is Spear?
Who is Speedball? 
Who is Spider-Man? 
Who is Miles Morales - Spider-Man? 
Who is Spider-Woman? 
Who is Star Hawk?
Who is Starlord?
Who is Steel Serpent?
Who is Steve Rogers / Captain America? 
 Who is Stick?
Who is Stilt-Man?  
Who is Stone? of the Chaste 
Who is Storm? 
 Who is Sue Richards (Storm) the Invisible Woman?
Who is Superior on Agents of SHIELD?
Who is the Supreme Intelligence (Kree)? 
Who is Supremor?
Who is Surtur? 

Who is Taserface?
Who is Taskmaster?
Who is Thanos?
Who is Tekagi - Hand/Snakeroot
Who is Tetu? (Black Panther)
Titano - Marvel Monster
Who is the Thing? 
Who is Thor? 
Who is Ti Asha Ra
Who is Tiger's Beautiful Daughter
Who is Tombstone?
Who is Tony Stark / Iron Man?  
Who is Triton?
Trull the Inhuman - Marvel Monster
Who is Tullk?

Who is Ultron
Who is Umar? 
Who is the Universal Church of Truth? 

Who is Valkyrie?
Vandoom - Marvel Monster
Who is Vance Astro AKA Major Victory?
Who is Varnae? (The Oldest Vampire in Marvel universe) 

Who is Venom? Your Venom questions answered

Who is Queen Veranke?

Who is Victor Strange aka Baron Blood? 
Who is Viper?
Who is Vision? 
Who is Volstagg? 
Who is the Vulture?

Who is Warrant? - Iron Fist villain
Who is War Machine? Rhodey Rhodes 
Who are the Warriors Three? 
Who is the Wasp AKA Janet van Dyne? 
Who is Weapon H?
Who is Werner Von Strucker? 
Who is Whiplash?  
Who is Willis Stryker AKA Diamondback?
Who is Wilbur Day aka Stilt-Man?
Who is William Rawlins - Punisher Villain
Who is White Wolf?
Who is Wolverine?  
Who is Wonder Man?

Who is X-23?
X the Unknowable - Marvel Monster

Who is Yellow Jacket? 
Who is Yo-Yo Rodriguez aka Slingshot? 

Who is Zenzi (Black Panther villain)
Who is Zhou Cheng? (Iron Fist Villain)
Who is the Zodiac Group? 
Zzutak - Marvel Monsters

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