Inhumans officialliy canceled after one season DOH

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Marvel Inhumans Show:

Marvel Studios /TV has announced that Inhumans will be a new show appearing on ABC and will premiere in fall of 2017.  The series first 2 episodes will be shot in Imax Cameras and will debut in movie theaters across the country.

This post is updated with updates on Inhumans the newest updates are at the top.

Update CANCELED: Deadline reports that Marvel will not be pursuing a 2nd season for Inhumans.  This effectively cancels the show after the first season.  To anyone who tried to watch the first season this of no surprise.

Show Synopsis:
The Inhuman Royal Family remains isolated in their amazing technological city of Attilan.  Attilan is capable of flying and has remained hidden from human eyes by resting on the Moon.  The powerful and silent ruler of the Inhumans Black Bolt is challenged by his brother Maximus.  Maximus wants the Inhumans to go to Earth and take their rightful place as its rulers.  When denied by Blackbolt, Maximus leads a coup that sees Black Bolt and a close group of followers hiding on Earth where they find a new purpose.

Cast and Characters

Preview of future Episodes
Want a sneak peak at future episodes of Inhumans?  Here you go!

Preview of Future Inhumans Episodes

Episode 3 and 4:
There was some hope from ABC that Inhumans may begin to fair better as a TV show after leaving the theaters.  However the show continues to hemorage viewership.  The show debuted with 3.8 million viewers and score of 0.9 in the 18-49 demographic (considered a sweet spot for TV ratings).  By week 2 or the 3rd episode the show lost 22% of debute folliwng down to 2.8 million viewers and a score of .7 for the 18-49 demographic.   With the 4th episode called "Make Way For....Medusa" it lost another half million viewers all the way down to 2.3 million and a .6 score.  For a show that ABC hoped would become a major hit it is certainly not doing that.

A report earlier in the year showed that ABC had not wanted to bring back Agents of SHIELD for a 5th season but was forced to by Disney and was offered up Inhumans as a compromise.    Now it seems that Agents of SHIELD season 4 numbers will end up ahead of the Inhumans number.  Agents premiered with 3.4 million and 1.1 score and those these numbers began to fall to around 2.6 million are still above the Inhumans so far episode to episode.

First 2 episodes:
The critical reception to Inhumans has been largely negative with IGN giving the first two episodes 4/10.
Box Office: The first weekend of Inhumans opened to box office of $2.6m over 676 Imax screens.   There is a great debate as to whether this amount is good or bad.  The reality is that this amount helps the show cover its fairly modest costs but it also seen as too low for the Marvel brand.

ABC has said to have been concerned with: "both the special effects of early cuts and the underpinning scripts" ... "source of contention between ABC and Marvel.

It has also been suggested that Imax Investment is what allowed for the film portion of the show to be possible but with a modest reception no further investment in the show by Imax is expected.

Trailer 3
The third trailer for Inhumans reveals that the special effects are indeed improving.  This trailer shows off a variety of effects that will be in the show.  It also ends with a bit of controversy showing Serinda Swan's Medusa battling an agent of Maximus without her hair.  It appears that sometime early on in the show the hair for Medusa will be cut off.

Update TCAs

Inhumans went off very poorly at the TCA with critics asking some pointed questions like why would the show air in Imax if their were not visuals there to support it.  Jeph Loeb was there to deflect some critisim.  Many of the actors gave aloof answers when asked if they like the film/show.

Critics also asked why Karnak's powers were not explained better.  Scott Buck chimed in and clarified what his powers were but the critics seemed to feel that it was not explained in the material they watched.

It should also be said that Scott Buck helmed Iron Fist Season 1 as well as Inhumans.  Iron Fist has been the lowest rated of the Defenders series so it adds to the concerns from fans that Inhumans will be less than stellar.  Critics were actually nice to not mention Iron Fist but the TCA was still pretty bad.  The panel did not seem ready to handle any form of negative critism or even hard questions.

One maybe positive sign is the that director Roel Reine said he did not like the trailer either.  He told Metro that the felt it was too early.

"I was mixed about the first trailer as well. I felt like it didn’t give you the scope, it didn’t give you a lot of secrets or visual effects. I felt it was a little bit too early because the visual effects were not ready – Medusa’s hair was not ready. So I was really nervous about it and would think the fans would not really like it. When I watched the first trailer I was like ‘ooosh’. But me as a filmmaker, as a director, you’re not involved with the marketing part of these things. The trailer was made by other people, so I was really nervous about it when I saw it. So I was like, “oh guys maybe we should hold off,” but it was too late because it was already in the open."

I am still hoping Inhumans can live up to its promise of doing something daring and original.

Update SDCC Trailer of Inhumans 7/21/2017
This trailer is a lot better than the first.  Finally get to see Medusa's hair in action, Karnak and Gorgon in action.
Also there is a group of Inhumans on Earth who seem to be led by Triton who is leading them safety.
The music is cool in the trailer, I also dig Maximus the Mad's speech, he is going to be a villain with some depth. Lots of cool special effects I actually get the feeling that this may be worth the Imax partnership but, but, YES one big but I still wish Black Bolt had his mask.  Will that kill this whole thing for but I think Blackbolt definetly loses something without it.

Empire Magazine Interview:

Empire Magazine interviewed Director Scott Buck and released an Image of Black Bolt talking to Maximus The Mad.  You see the Full Interview and Article here.
The image does not do much in and of itself to make me feel better about this series.  Black Bolt could still really use a mask in my opinion.

One interesting quote from Buck in the article was after mentioning that the first 2 episodes will appear in Imax in the theaters he says:
“It allows us to think bigger; to use visuals you don’t normally get on your television screen. We wanted [it to be] strikingly beautiful and unusual.”
I'm really hoping that means we get to see a lot of Attilan and that it looks very cool.

Buck stresses that the show's characters while outlandish will be relatable and the story will follow how a proud royal family will be forced to live as refugees.
"...we’re dealing with relatable people in a moment of great crisis: a royal family forced into the position of refugees. They just happen to have superpowers.”
To be honest I would rather him have said.  For these characters we are not pursuing envelope of relatability but instead pushing the very envelop of conciousness of what can be.  This is Sci Fi Mind blowing extravaganza feature alien worlds, new technology, and awesome powers.

In the famous words of Han Solo, "Ive got a bad feeling about this".

Trailer 1:
There are still a few things that worry me about this.  However they do look better in motion.  I am not seeing much use of Powers either and I think that would be something you would sneak into the trailer.  I also think they need address why Blackbolt can't speak.  Yes, many of Toylab's readers are experts on Blackbolt but he is still pretty unknown outside of Marvel fanboys.

Well that trailer was interesting.  We have some thoughts on it.

Thoughts on the Trailer by Sir Kent

Sir Kent is a guest Blogger at Toylab and one of our resident film critics.

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UUUUGH!!! WHERE oh WHERE do I start with my hatred of how this series looks from this trailer? You all know how I like to start my reviews with what I really didn't like about something. I know this is just a teaser trailer but, it just looks 32 flavors of F'BEEPed up Grand Ma Poop! Before I start spitting hate, let me give you a brief history of the Inhuman Royal Family so you can understand where my expectations for this series come from.

The Inhumans made their first appearance in Marvel Comics way back in 1965. It was within the pages of Fantastic Four #45 that we first got a glimpse of what they were all about. They had a short lived, self titled run back in the 1970s titled Inhumans that unfortunately only had a 4 issue run. Throughout their publication history, they always just seemed to appear during a time of crisis, and layeth MUCH smacketh upon some candy ass and then retreat back to their ancient and isolated  home of Attilan. A city that could actually move around the universe and one of the main reasons they have been able to avoid detection from humans for so long.  The city in the trailer seems to reside in the blue sea of the Moon that is oxygen rich. It wasn't until the incredibly popular run on Agents of SHIELD that Inhumans have been catapulted to popularity.

 While not always popular the Inhumans have been deeply intertwined into the Marvel Comics Universe for awhile. Black Bolt himself has battled Thanos, been part of The Illuminati that banished The Hulk from the Earth and brought on The Planet Hulk and World Breaker Hulk saga. Also, there was that whole terrigin gas getting out and infecting most of the planet PLUS killing an ass-load of mutants that caused a war between The X-Men and The Inhumans. So YES, they have become VERY significant as of late and, deservedly so.

Which is why I was SO ASS HURT over the looks of this trailer! Now, like with a lot of movies, you simple ARE NOT going to get the characters EXACTLY as they are in the Comics. I call it The “MOVIE-ED” affect. Where a character's power is somehow lessened or changed due to script, time or budget. From the looks of this trailer, this ENTIRE project suffers from a fatal cause of MOVIE-ED affect!

Let's start at the from the top, shall we? WHERE THE F'BEEP is Black Bolt's tuning fork and mask? I GET that they want to try and ground the character's in reality (Much like a Netflix series) but to have him NEVER wear it??? C’MON MAN! How is he supposed to focus the ionic energies that he uses as weapon?

What is the goal of his brother Maximus the Mad (I kinda always really dug his name. If I had a boy child, I'd name him that!). While his ultimate goal was to rule over all life on Earth, his first goal was always to try and break his brother Black Bolt out of sheer jealousy. From what I can tell from the trailer, it looks like Maximus causes a fracture within the Royal Family that forces Black Bolt to go to Earth to seek help. Presumably from SHEILD. However, in the Comics, there is NO F'BEEPIN’ WAY Black Bolt would hide who he is to try and do this!

He never ONCE took off his mask or his suit when dealing with humans BECAUSE he is royalty. Such an endeavor has NEVER been attempted by Marvel or ABC before. F'BEEP, for that matter NOBODY has tried this before. To introduce such a pivotal group of characters in I-Max and then transition them to the small screen was an ingenious and Ball's-Deep kinda move. However, I don't know if it's budget (Though we damn f'Beepin’ KNOW it's budget) or poor location scouting or wardrobe or WHAT that truly turns me off from this first trailer.

There are so many things that I truly hope don't get lost in the translation of this. My boy Karnak, while not having been exposed to terrigen mist, has the ability to see the faults in everything. People, structures and using his incredible martial ability can expose those weakness.  This means he could wreck a tank with his barehands even though he has no true super powers.   Gorgon not only has his cloven feet that can cause isolated tremors but is also incredibly strong and durable. I want to see him tossing dudes around like rag dolls!

What I'm saying for this to work, with your obvious shortcomings in budget, you have GOT to have a fantastic script and story and the characters have GOT to be Kick-Ass. Or this will be a resounding, epic FAIL!

Bottomline I am worried about this, but still want it to succeed.  My fingers are crossed.

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The series will not focus on the Inhuman characters in Agents of SHIELD (Though it would not surprise me if they appeared).  Instead the show will focus on the classic Inhuman characters of the Inhuman Royal Family.  The show will be set in the modern day and will be set both on Earth and the Moon.  The addition of the Moon as a set means that Attilan and the Blue Side of the Moon will very likely be a setting for the show.

The show / film showing with Imax will be the first time that a show and Imax have joined in such away.  The Marvel press release as posted on states:

ABC, IMAX and Marvel Television also intend to work together to create a joint marketing and promotion plan for the series across their proprietary media platforms--which would be the first such cross-platform marketing launch of a television series. Today’s agreement also marks IMAX’s first time as a financing participant in a TV pilot and series.

Major news in the Marvel press release was on the focus of the series:
Marvel’s "The Inhumans" will explore the never-before-told epic adventure of Black Bolt and the royal family.
This should mean that all of the Inhuman characters will be on the table for Agents of SHIELD and this new Inhumans show.

I think it is safe to say that Inhuman's film has officially been canceled and this show is a replacement to tell some of the same story that was planned for the film.  There has been speculation building for years on what Marvel will end up doing with the Inhumans and now we finally know.

What do you think?  Are you excited?  Disappointed?  Please let me know.

The first picture of the Cast was released fans noticed that Black Bolt did not have his mask which is his iconic look.  A user of named Seon.  Created this edited version of the picture.  I think this looks so much better and there is not reason why Marvel vs ABC could do something similar.

Teaser Video:
First teaser does not show any characters but we do hear the voices and learn about the issues that the group will face.  It sounds like some of the series Inhuman (After terregenisis cloud) storylines could be mined here.  Though it will be different because Blackbolt left the Royal Family during that storyline and here he is very much in place as the ruler of the group.
The voices in the narration are one male and one female.  The male is certainly Maximus the Mad as seems to be plotting the overthrow of his brother and calls for the Freedom of all Inhumans.  He talking to a female who says what he is saying is treason.  I doubt that is Medusa, my guess is that it is Crystal.
Overall really like this teaser, its very short but sets the mood.  Really wish they had just gone this route instead of the stiff looking Entertainment Weekly shoot.

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