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First official Poster of Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a Marvel movie set to come out after Avengers: Age of Ultron it will focus on the magic side of the Marvel Universe.  The current release date is set for November 4th, 2016.  Opening up the magical world of Marvel will be Doctor Stephen Strange also known as the sorcerer supreme.

Doctor Strange - Benedict Cumberbatch
Baron Mordo - Chiwetel Ejiofor
Kaecillius - Mads Mikkelsen
Unknown - Rachel McAdams,
Benedict Wong -
Tilda Swinton - Ancient One


As Deadline reported Doctor Strange has opened with high critical praise.  After being out in the states over the weekend the film stands with a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 210 Fresh ratings to 23 Rotten (As of 11/8/2016)
The film has done well in domestic and international markets and looks to be another megahit.

As of 11/10/2016 - Doctor Strange has made a $100 million in domestically in just 6 days.  It is set to earn another $40-42 million over the Veterans Day weekend.  Internationally the film has done well and could be on track to earn $750 to $850 million.

Doctor Strange Chase Sequence
The effects for this scene are purely mind boggling.

Film News:

Early Reviews from France:
I have seen a few fake reviews of the film from people who have clearly not seen the film as it was not released in there area.  Here are some real ones from France.  So far early reviews are very positive.
From what I can gather MCU fans should be very excited for this film.

Unification France @unificationfr

#doctorstrange a Visual killer, a smart script magnified by excellent actors. A flawless #Marvel #MCU

François Collardey @Edrysark

The House of ideas @MarvelFR still has not lost the recipe! #DoctorStrange is really very successful. Benedict Cumberbatch #4TheWorld


As disconcerting as enjoyable! #DoctorStrange is bewitching & mesmerizing, carried by an amazing #BenedictCumberbatch.

Les Toiles Héroïques ‏@ToilesHeroiques 

#DoctorStrange The Marvel formula in the best of its form. The scenario, excellent characters, Visual stunning. See on the BIG screen!

Cliffhanger @cliffhangertwit

Success for #DoctorStrange despite the figures imposed by an origin story! Benedict Cumberbatch is impressive and bewitches us!

Zickma ‏@Zickmafr

A hot #DoctorStrange is a success, and for once we finally got a beautiful 3D! @MarvelFR found the recipe... @DisneyFR

Mr. S ‏@SauveurVoltage

Review Colorful, inventive & fun #DoctorStrange brings a true breath of fresh air 2 @MarvelFR universe. Special mention to the action scenes

Purdey @thePurdey

#doctorstrange in love with the movie :) beautiful film, great, consistent etc. etc. <3

Hitek @Hitekfr 7m

A near perfect movie must-see on the big screen to take your eyes! #DoctorStrange

Doctor Strange TV Spot BE CAREFUL:
Be careful Doctor Strange stronger men than you have lost their way.

Doctor Strange Behind the Magic featurette:
Actually not sure where this one comes from buts its awesome:

Captain America: Civil War bonus features
A new video that focuses on the production, art and story of Doctor Strange is featured within the Captain America: Civil War DVD. The DVD in HD comes out Sep 2, 2016 and the Bluray arrives one week later on Sep 9th.

First TV Spot for Doctor Strange:
I think most of this footage is reused from the previous trailers.  Some shots in the beginning look new.  Also there is a moment where Baron Mordo tells Doctor Strange that "There is no other way."  Not sure what is going on there but likely Strange is getting ready to open up some can of ancient bad magic to save the day.  I wonder if the magic being used has a cost of hurting or tainting Baron Mordo that will play out by making him evil later on.

The film seems to be setting up a dynamic relationship between Mordo and Strange where they will be friends and allies in this film.  Something tells me at the end of the film something will occur that will set the men against each other for a sequel film.

San Diego  Comic Con 2016 Trailer
The 2nd trailer for Doctor Strange was shown at San Diego Comic Con.  Also at the con were all the costumes of the characters that were on display.  This trailer focused a little more on the threat facing Strange and his training to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

The main villain Kaecillius is seen telling Doctor Strange that he is "Death and Pain" and that he (Stephen) will "Die protecting this world".

There is also some humor in the trailer.  At one point Baron Mordo gives Strange a scrap of paper.  When Strange looks at the writing on the paper confused Mordo wittily responds "Its the Wifi password, were not savages".

Costumes on Display:
The Doctor Strange costumes appeared before a replica of the Strange's famous window from his Sanctum Santorum.  Strange's costume is in the forefront with Baron Mordos to the back left.

Doctor Strange Trailer 1
The Doctor Strange trailer appeared on Tuesday April 12th on Jimmy Kimmel.

enter image description here

Doctor Strange Comic Con Poster Doctor Strange Comic Con Trailer & Poster Released

Benedict Cumberbatch has signed on to play the sorcerer supreme!

So you think you know Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange Wiki:

Comic News
All New All Different Doctor Strange comic to come out in Fall of 2015

Production News:
Goodies from Scott Derrickson's twitter feed 
Director Scott Derrickson tweets out a Doctor Strange photo and more? 

Casting News: 
Funny interview with Cumberbatch being asked about Doctor Strange. 
Benedict Cumberbatch to play Doctor Strange! 
Ethan Hawke to play Doctor Strange after Phoenix deal falls through? 
Joaquin Phoenix in final talks to play Doctor Strange?
Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad could be Doctor Strange?

Media / Art
Doctor Strange fan made Opening Sequence is Awesome!


Doctor Stephen Strange:
Who is Doctor Strange? 
Doctor Strange Cosplay
Toylab Cool Pix: Doctor Strange! 
Pictures of Doctor Strange killing Superman 

Who is Dormammu?  
Toylab Cool Pix: Dormammu 

 Baron Mordo:
Who is Baron Mordo? Strange's Arch Nemesis

Who is Agamotto?

Potential Characters:

Who is Victor Strange aka Baron Blood?
Who is Morgana Blessing - Doctor Strange love interest

Who is Clea? - Doctor Strange love interest  

Sanctum Santorum - Doctor Strange's Mansion

Magical Items of Doctor Strange:
Eye of Agamotto
Cloak of Levitation
Orb of Agamotto 

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