Analyzing Grant Ward

Grant Ward went from being a fairly boring character to the most interesting on the show, when it was revealed he was Hydra agent.  More interesting was the fact that this had been very well set up through out the season.  At the end of the season Ward is left in the custody of Coulson's team and his future is very uncertain.  Will he redeem himself or become the ultimate villain?  What does he want?

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Lets look at Ward's actions throughout Season 1:

Pilot - Ward is interviewed Maria Hill for the position. Ward complains about working with a team and seems to only reluctantly agree to join.  Now we know that Ward's reluctance was a ploy to remove suspicion from him.  His mission all along was to infiltrate the team for the Clairvoyant agent John Garrett.

0-8-4 - Ward takes over training of new recruit Skye.  In this way gaining her trust and clouding her emotions on him from her perspective.

FZZT - Ward heroically saves Simmons by dramatically jumping out of a plane.  This once again is a calculated move used to cloud her judgement of him.

The Hub - Ward's heroism makes Fitz jealous.  The mission in the Hub with him and Fitz allows for the two to bond and form a bromance.  These actions allow for Ward to either remove Fitz or earn his trust.

The Well - A very Ward focused episode.  First we learn that Ward's worse memory is him being forced by his older brother to stand by and do nothing while his younger brother is drowning in a well.  This event is key point in what later drives Ward to try to burn down his home with his brother and father inside.

Ward also begins a physical relationship with Melinda May.  The objective again being to cloud her judgement on him.

At this point of time Ward has taken significant actions to remove doubt of his loyalty to all members of the team.

Yes Men
Lorelei takes over Ward and reveals portions of his true nature.  She reveals that he really does not have feeling for May, but he does have feelings for Skye.  This ends his relationship with May.

End of the Beginning
Ward kills the patse Clairvoyant eliminating any possibility for an interrogation.  He claims this was done to protect Skye but was really an attempt to stop the investigation into the Clairvoyant.

Turn Turn Turn - Pivotal episode where the Hydra sleeper agents begin to take over SHIELD.  In the end of the episode Ward shoots and seemingly kills Victoria Hand and frees John Garrett form SHIELD custody.

The Only Light in The Darkness
Ward kills Agent Koenig, and captures Skye to bring the Clairvoyant.  Skye learns his true nature and sets up a message to the group to let them know of Ward's true allegiance.

We learn that Ward was broken out of prison by John Garrett and summarily trained to be an independent cold hearted killer.  It is still unclear exactly what Ward wants from the relationship.  I presume it is a chance to get vengeance on his family.  Ward is shown to be unable to kill his pet dog hinting at perhaps a small amount of good him.

Ward drops Fitz and Simmons into the ocean in a cell seemingly to their deaths.

The Beginning of the End
Ward and John Garrett are beaten by the Agents.  During the episode we increasingly see Ward beginning to question and lose trust in Garrett.  It is clear that he is not loyal to Hydra.  It also seems the major want of Ward is to reconnect with Skye.  Lorelei previously mentioned that he had real feeling for Skye.  Ward also has more information on Skye after talking to Rainna and learning more about the legend around her origins.

Overall Analysis:
At the end of the season it seems that Ward's primary desire has become Skye.  However, what is the carrot used by Garrett to keep Ward so loyal before that?  Is it simply the chance to be free of his family?  It seems there is a part of the story missing here.  I think Ward was offered the chance to get vengeance on his brother.  There seems to be more story here and I expect for us to see much more of Ward in the future.

Facts we Know:
  • Ward cares for Skye
  • Ward does have some good in him.  Illustrated by his failure to kill his pet dog.
  • Ward is not loyal to Hydra but to John Garrett.  The reasons behind this are still unclear.
  • He is somewhat distraught at Garrett's descent into madness
  • His take over of the team was extremely well thought out and methodical with his only hitch being his development of feelings for Skye.  While the team will not trust him at all, he did prove his capabilities of being a top tier agent.
Looking at this, I think it is highly likely that Ward will in someway redeem himself.  The scene with the dog in particular had the purpose of showing that there was still good inside him.

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