Why a Super Powered Nova can still happen

In the movie Guardians of the Galaxy we did not see a super powered Nova.  The Nova members we saw were more like space police in space ships.  However, Marvel very carefully inserted some key sentences in the movie that left open the possibility of seeing a super powerful Nova and maybe even set it up in the movie.

(Some Spoilers)

First, Nova Prime calls the highest officers she meets like Rhomman Dey by the term Denarian.  The term Denarian refers to a rank in the Nova Corps.  It means he was a lower rank than Centurian.  Centurian Nova member are usually those that have super powers.  Centurions can fly and lift heavy objects and do  all kinds of super things.  By not calling Dey a Centurion the possibility was left open for a Centurion in future films.

Ranks of Nova Corps
How the Ranks work within Nova

2nd much of the Nova Corps was killed off in the movie.  As the members share the Nova Force it could mean there is a glutt of power in the Nova Force and which will allow for more super powered members in the future.

What this means if you were disappointed you did not see a super powered Nova flying through the skies do not worry Marvel was careful to leave some doors open.

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