Who is Kraken?

Who is Kraken

When I think of Kraken I tend to think of the fantasy stories where a person is given a magical item.  The item gives them great power but begins to change them, and make them evil.  Most notable would be the Ring of Power in the Lord of the Rings series.  In Kraken's case it is a helmet that grants him super powers but also effects his mind, making him into a meglomaniac.  There have been multiple Krakens over time in the comics, anyone who wears the helms has the mantle of the Kraken.

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Kraken is a mysterious Hydra agent who has been very elusive.  Intel on the Kraken is scarce because as agents get close to them, they tend to disappear.  It is hinted that the original Kraken Daniel Whitehall initially was part of British Intelligence.

His interests usually in training and developing Hydra agents and in having people altered to meet their "true" potential. He does not morally care about how the effects of altering people have on them or others, only that they meet their potential.

Acting in this capacity the Kraken has had a hand in creating numerous other high level and powerful Hydra agents including Viper, Gorgon and Hive.  All the character's he has created have terrible and tragic origins that he was a part of.

Through various nefarious affiliations overtime Kraken has acquired various advanced technologies.  Notable among these technologies is his helmet.  The Kraken helmet when put on changes one mind, and also gives the user certain forms of shielding.  It is unclear exactly in the comics what specific powers the helmet grants.

Agents of SHIELD
Daniel Whitehall AKA Kraken in Agents of SHIELD
It was announced at San Diego Comic Con 2014 that the Kraken would act as the "big bad" of Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD.
The character seems to fit in well with the show that spent much of Season 1 focusing on an organization called Centipede that was experimenting on people to create super soldiers.  One of the primary villains was Raina (The girl in the flower dress) who seemed obsessed with the idea of what people could/will become.  This obsession matches that of the Kraken which makes him a natural successor to the Centipede program after the death of its founder the  Clairvoyant / Agent Garrett.

It is unclear if the Kraken in the show will wear the helmet or not.

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