Who is J'son the father of StarLord / Peter Quill?


J'son of Spartax is emperor of the Spartoi Empire and the father of Earth-born hero Peter Quill AKA StarLord.   At least in the comic books, this is changed in the MCU where the character Ego will be Peter Quill's father.

J'son is raised by the former Emperor his father E'son to be the Emperor.  He is modeled a bit after Peter the Great of Russia.  He lives on multiple worlds and does multiple jobs.   The jobs he excels at the most are as a soldier and pilot.  Bureaucrats try to delay him becoming the emperor because they see him as too enlightened.  Eventually, J'son does indeed become emperor.

On a visit to Earth he meets and falls in love with Meredith Quill.  He has to leave to become Emperor of a massive space empire the Spartoi.  In the original story he erases her memory to ease her pain in the new version seen below he does not.  Unknown to him she is pregnant with his child, Peter Quill.  He also accidentally leaves his gun behind.  The antagonistic alien race known as the Badoon end up attacking the Quill household perhaps because they detect the gun from Spartax.  Meredith is killed.  Quill ends up looking skyward and is not very fond of his father who he blames for both abandoning him and the death of his mother.

Note Movie Origin is slightly different than this:
Peter Quill's mother dies from cancer and tells her son that his father was like an Angel.  Yondu then kidnaps Peter Quill.  Apparently, he was hired by Peter's father to deliver Peter to him but instead Yondu decides to keep him.  Yondu at one point calls Peter's father a "Dick."
Keep in mind that Marvel had to alter this origin story some because they do not own the movie rights to the Aliens the Badoon.

StarLord does meet his father.  J'son at one point and J'son offers the title of Emperor to StarLord but StarLord refuses.  The two do not always get along.  J'son disagrees with how Quill lives his life.  Quill does not like anyone telling him what to do, even an emperor, even his dad.  J'son does love his son and often interferes on his behalf when he is able to.

Spartoi and Spartax:

Concept Art of Spartax for GoTG movie - Not used

Not much is known of the Spartoi.  They are a supposed offshoot of the Shi'ar Empire, they appear to be human like, and based off Starlord they can obviously mate with humans, and their home planet is Sparta.
Their government is an empire with an emperor at its head.  The empire stretches over hundreds of planets.

See a Marvel Universe Map HERE

Are they humans?  Could be.  There is an ancient race in the marvel universe called the Xorri and they were human in appearance and happened to seed many worlds.  Both the Spartoi and Humans could come from the Xorri.

Placement of Spartax in the Marvel Universe.  My guess is that it is in the Triangulum Galaxy along with the Shi'ar Empire or in a completely separate neighboring galaxy.  This is not clear for a few reasons.  First, the Shi'ar supposedly control their entire galaxy so this leaves no room for another empire.  The two being offshoots of a single empire would indicate that that the Spartoi Empire is close in proximity to the Shi'ar.


An Angel?
In the Movie GoTG, Meridith Quill says J'son was an Angel.

I thought that J'son would still be the father of Starlord for three reasons:

1) There were plans for a Spartax in the first movie,
2) Yondu met and was hired by the father to deliver Peter to him and calls him a "dick." Means that Quill's father is still a man of means, and likely a leader.
3) The father son Conflict between J'son and Starlord is a great story

No J'son?
NOW though we know that J'son will not be father of Starlord and this opens up a lot of doors.
Still there are rumors that Marvel will change the story so that Adam Warlock or Yondu will be his father.
Who is Starlord's Father?

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