What villians do you want to see in the Defenders?


Defenders will have a show focusing on the heroes Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist the four heroes have faced off against many villains over the years.  This page is to speculate on potential appearances as well as record appearances as they occur.  It also shows where Easter Eggs to various villains occur.

New Updates:

Night Shade and Bushmaster are set to appear in Luke Cage Season 2.  Nightshade will make first appearance in the film Black Panther.

 Black Mariah rumored to appear in Luke Cage Season 1
Cornell Cottonmouth has been added as a villain to appear in Luke Cage Season 1.

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Potential Villains:

The below list covers the potential villains that could appear or be referenced in the different Defenders series.  Beneath each villain I have listed where they appear or will are rumored to appear.  I have also highlighted villain Easter Eggs and where they appear.

Rumored Future Appearances
Potential Appearance
Easter Eggs

The Kingpin  
-Will be featured, potentially as the big bad that unites the heroes. Marvel made a point of saying that his rights were purchased along with Daredevil.

Appeared:  Main villain in Daredevil Season 1
Appeared: Daredevil Season 2

Absorbing Man 

- Powerful foe who can absorb traits of what he touches.

Appeared:  Agents of SHIELD Season 2
Mentioned: Daredevil Season 1

Big Ben Donovan
  - Criminal Lawyer foe of Luke Cage

Black Mariah
  - Big strong female foe of Luke Cage
Appeared: Luke Cage Season 1

- Daredevil's Joker - He has already appeared in the first Daredevil movie and will likely appear in the Daredevil series.  When you start talking Daredevil it is hard to not start thinking about Bullseye.

Appeared Obscurely:  Daredevil Season 1

Villain with similar powers as Luke Cage but has criminal mastermind like attitude.
Appeared: Luke Cage Season 2

The Wrecking Crew
  - Super powered and some of the most well known foes of Luke Cage.  Includes Wrecker, Pile Driver, Thunderball, and Bulldozer

  - There are various Chemistro's but he is a mainstay street villain. 

  - Can disappear like a cat, expect him to appear on the small screen

Cockroach Hamilton 
 - An assassin in Harlem who uses a customized shotgun.

  - Luke Cage's brother given powers to battle him.

Cornell Cottonmouth 
 - Drug lord with super strength and a metal jaw.
Appeared:  Luke Cage Season 1

 - Strong story connection with Daredevil as an adversary and love interest

Mentioned: Daredevil Season 1
Appeared: Daredevil Season 2

Gideon Mace
  - He just seems like a strong fit for a TV show.

Gladiator aka Melvin Potter 
 - Villain faced by Daredevil early on in his career.

Appeared: Daredevil Season 1
Appeared: Daredevil Season 2

 -Like Gideon Mace this just seems like a fun way to use the character

 - More known as Spider-Man villain but Marvel has the rights to him.

 - Major Luke Cage villain

The Hood 
 - Spooky demon gangster could be a Dr Strange tie in

 - Famous ninja warrior of the Hand ninjas

Potentially Appeared: Daredevil Season 1 and 2

-Generally considered a Black Panther villain but he has fought many other heroes overtime.

Easter Egg: Glen Talbot mentions operation "Panther Klaw" in Agents of SHIELD.  Also metal that could be Vibranium was depicted.
Appeared:  Avengers Age of Ultron- His arm was ripped off while dealing with Ultron.
Appeared:  Black Panther

Lady Bullseye 
Female successor of Bullseye

Villain who has faced off against the Heroes for Hire

Master Khan
 - Iron Fist Villain

Mister Fish 
  - A Luke Cage villain known for his strength

Mister Fear
- Villain of Daredevil

- Early major Marvel villain - (May be owned through Fox's F4 license)

Magic stone female villain

Mother Crane 
 - Iron Fist villain who faces off against him the 7 Cities stories.  She is a leader of a rival city of Kun Lun.

Appeared:  Daredevil Season 1 (Madame Gao)

Appeared:  Iron Fist Season 1
Appeared: Daredevil Season 2

Moses Magnum 
- Luke Cage and Moses do not get along.  Another villain that started out as Spider-Man villain but I most associate with Luke Cage.


  - Known for being a Spider-Man villain but faced off against Daredevil in an epic story that ended with his demise.

 - Mastermind who battled Captain America and Heroes for Hire

Appeared: Black Panther 
Appeared: Luke Cage Season 2

 - Potentially a way to introduce Atlantis?

The Owl 
 - Daredevil villain who battled him for control of Hells Kitchen

Appeared: Daredevil Season 1

Peace Monger
 - Villain who battled Defenders

The Punisher
-Frank Castle is an anti-hero whose extreme form of justice or punishment often puts him at odds with other heroes.

Appeared:  Daredevil Season 2
Appeared: The Punisher

Puppet Master
- Marvel villain known for controlling people

 - Could be a controversial addition to the series but certainly has strong connections to Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.  He uses his mind control to rape and brutalize people.  He is easily one of the most evil characters in the Marvel Universe. Special effects wise you could just give an actor a purple tuxedo.

Appeared: Jessica Jones Season 1

Ring Master
Circus themed villain

 - Former member of the rivals gang that Luke Cage was a part of.  Gains equipment that allows him to shoot optic blasts like Cyclops from the X-Men.

Appeared: Luke Cage Season 1

Serpent Society Members 
 - Have a long history of battling all of the heroes above.

 - Luke Cage villain

 - A villain with an armored suit and stilts that has faced off against Daredevil many times.

Easter Egg: Stilt Suit was shown in Melvin Potter's warehouse in Daredevil Season 1

Steel Serpent

  - Vendetta against Danny Rand/Iron Fist and is his primary nemesis.

Easter Egg: Steel Serpent appeared on drugs made by Madame Gao in Daredevil Season 1
Appeared: Iron Fist Season 1

 - Strongest woman in the Marvel Universe next to SheHulk.

 - Typically considered a Spider-Man villain but like Hammerhead I believe Marvel has the rights to the stone skinned gangster.

Unus the Untouchable
 - Similar powers to Luke Cage by using force fields

Willis Stryker 
 - Former friend of Luke Cage, frames him for a crime which lands him in Prison.  Expert with knives.

Appeared:  Luke Cage Season 1

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