Thor #25 The new Female Thor's first appearance!

 Thor #25 promises to be an awesome book.

It holds 3 stories within it and each has a bit of punch plus awesome art throughout.   Each story has a different artist with a different style.  I always love Thor art in part because there are a lot of different ways you can go with it. You can have a modern sleek look or you can go play with a medieval / folklore look.   There are big changes coming for Thor and this book will give us some of the information.  Who is the new female Thor?  What happens to the old Thor?

Story #1 A story about a young Thor using his magic axe Jarnbjorn against a host of Frost Giants.  This is the Axe he will take up when he loses his hammer to the new female Thor.

Story #2 The story of Malekith's rise to power of the Dark Elves

Story #3 Thors granddaughters uncover a startling secret and a revelation about the new female.

The new Thor's first appearance will also be in this issue.  After this issue Thor will restart back to #1 with the new female Thor at the helm of the book.

For 4.99 a very good value.  Expect it on shelves on Sept 17th.

Check out some of the art:






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