Victoria (Earth-616) 001
Starlord's sister Victoria Captain of the Royal Guard

The Spartoi are an alien race in the Marvel Cosmic Universe.

Galaxy:  Shi'ar Galaxy  (Likely M33 Triangulum)
Star System:
Planet:  Spartax is the throne world.  Empire spread over hundred of planets.

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Empire with an Emperor and council of ministers.  The current Emperor is J'son of Spartax.  The title of Emperor is passed down by heredity.  The previous Emperor was E'son who was the father of J'son.

Advanced.  Includes warpdrive space ships, advanced power centers, shields, blasters etc.

Racial Make Up:
The Spartoi are said to have splintered off from the Shi'ar.  However, they appear to be humans.  They are different than humans on some level in that they have much longer lives.  J'son for example is middle aged and is over a 100 years old.  They do not appear to be stronger, or faster than humans.

Not much is known other than they have an affiliation with the Shi'ar Empire and at one point splintered off.

Line of Spartoi Emperors
E'son --> J'son --> Starlord (Has not taken up right to rule)

Famous members
J'son of Spartax - Emperor of Spartoi Empire
Starlord Peter Quill - Hybrid Spartoi and Human - heir to throne of Spartoi Empire
Victoria - Current Captain of the Spartoi Royal Guard - Adopted Sister of Peter Quill

Spartax concept art

The planet Spartax recieved some concept art for the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.  As Starlord's father is brought up multiple times in the movie it can be suspected it will play a part in the 2nd film.   However,  James Gunn has said that Starlord's father will not be the same character as in the comics.

Gamora also speculates on what in Quill's blood  allowed him to hold the Power gem longer than a normal human.  He could be Spartoi or something else.  Though the Spartoi do not appear very different than humans they do live much longer lives in the comics.

Who is J'son - Father of Starlord?
Marvel Alien Races and Cosmic Maps

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