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Skye is an agent of SHIELD with a very unique background.  She has a super power of creating and controlling vibrations that allows her to create powerful waves in the air or earth.  She is based off the comic character Daisy Johnson.

Skye in Action in Season 3



BIO: Season 1 

Skye is initially part of hacker activist group called "Rising Tide."  Agent Coulson identifies her amazing talent for hacking into computer systems when she manages to hack into SHIELD.  She joins Agent Coulson's crack team of SHIELD agents as a computer specialist.  While Skye is a rookie who has never gone to SHIELD academy she still quickly becomes one of the most important members of the team.

Skye is assigned the mentor of Agent Grant Ward to learn from and begins to develop romantic feelings for him.  This relationship quickly sours when she learns he double agent with allegiance to Hydra.

My name is Raina, I like flowers and I know something
Over the course of the season it is revealed that Skye had been trying to gain access to SHIELD databases to learn about her own origins.  She was orphan that was dropped off at the orphanage by a SHIELD agent.  She learns that the SHIELD agent was not in fact her mother but an agent who had found her.  When Skye was a baby she deemed to be an 0-8-4 (Object of Unknown origin) for unknown reasons.  A SHIELD team was sent to the Chinese village where she was and they were entirely wiped out by unknown assailants.  A the lone SHIELD agent survivor took baby Skye and placed her in orphanage and set a protocol that would periodically force move the child over time from foster-home to foster-home so that she would not be found.

Further light on Skye is shed by the villainous scientist Raina.  Raina is obsessed with studying changes in human DNA and potential.  She says this is due to her being curious as to what she will become.  She claims that Skye and her are similar on the inside.  Additionally, Raina says that their is a legend about how Skye was found that the assailants that attacked the village were members of Skye's family and that they were monsters.

At the end of the season Raina is shown meeting a shadowy figure who appears to be bathing in a tub of blood.  She shows him a photo of Skye and says that she found his daughter.

Season 2:
Much of the season is spent with Hydra and SHIELD battling to gain control of a special Obelisk.  The Obelisk ends up being very important to Skye's story.  The team learns that the Obelisk will activate when it enters an ancient city.

It is revealed that both Raina and Skye are Inhumans, part of a special bloodline of people who have gifts (Powers) that are activated when exposed to a mist that comes out of the Obelisk.  In the comics this mist is called the Terrigen mist.  Raina and Skye enter the temple in the ancient city and a major change occurs in both characters.  It seems clear that Skye is an Inhuman form of Daisy Johnson.  Raina became a quilled Inhuman with the gift of prophesy.

Skye is Daisy Johnson aka Quake

Skye's father is Dr Calvin Zabo AKA Mister Hyde

Skye's mother is an Inhuman who had a gift of slowed aging called Jai Ying.

SHIELD and the Inhuman group led by Skye's mother Jai Ying came into conflict.  Jai Ying had a plan to take over humanity and was stopped by SHIELD, Skye, the Inhuman Lincoln, and Skye's father Calvin Zabo.  At the end of the series Skye gains respect for her monstrous but well meaning father.  She visits him after he had his mind wiped and a new practice set up.

Season 3:

Skye and Coulson will attempt to build a super team called the Secret Warriors.  They will do this as new Inhumans crop up from Terrigen laced fish oil tablets.  These new Inhumans will be recruited and hunted by other forces as well leading to a race to recruit them before others do.

Chloe Bennet teased out a video on her instagram of her getting a hair cut similar to Daisy Johnson:

Pictures of Skye in Season 3:

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