Newly revealed Korath concept reopens the Blue vs Brown Skin Controversy

It looks as though Marvel initially planned for Korath to look more like a traditional Blue Kree.

Recently released concept art from artist Jackson Sze reveals a look that is more inline with comic version of the character.  Jackson Sze also did concept art for Thor 2 The Dark World.

This adds some evidence to the argument that Korath was converted to look more African American to add an African American character to the movie.  This makes some people angry.  I really did not mind too much and thought it could be pretty easily explained.
For more on my opinion see the post:
Why is Korath not blue? 

My Beef with Korath in the Movie
 I thought Korath was very under utilisized and under explained.  Though I thought the same thing about all of the Villains in Guardians of the Galaxy.  The heroes are all explained very well, and the villains not so much.  Korath also seemed to die in the end of the movie (This is somewhat unclear though) which is too bad because I would really like to see him come back and be fleshed out more in a sequel.

 Which look do you prefer between the 2 below?

Korath the Pursuer
Who is Korath the Pursuer? 
Why is Korath not blue? 
 From the Vault Quasar #32 - First Appearance of Korath

Korath concept art by Jackson Sze

Concept Art by Anthony Fransisco

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