Kymellians are an alien race in the Marvel Universe that have human like bodies but horse like heads.  They are most active in the Powerpack comic stories but have showed up else where.  They also joined in an alliance with the Inhumans and the Kree.

Kymellians live in the Andromeda Galaxy home of Xandar and the Skrull Empire.  Their original planet Kymellia was destroyed in a power generating experiment.  The Kymellians built a new artificial home planet that they live on called Kymellia II.

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The Kymellians technology feels like a mix of magic and science similar to depictions of Asgardian technology.  Kymellians have the ability to perform super powers but they must spend large amounts of time learning how to use them and control them.  Only a small amount master a large amount of powers and these Kymellians are called Sorcerers.  There is a wide range of powers that can be performed by a sorceror.

Earth and Powerpack
A Kymellian named Aelfyre Whiteman "Whitey" is studying Earth when he sees that a scientist Dr Power is working on a similar experiment that destroyed Kymellia.  Whitey reveals himself to Dr Power but the Kymellians enemies the Snarks show up and kidnap Dr Powers to get the energy formula.  Whitey teaches the 4 Powers children how to use powers like the Kymellians and they form the group the Powerpack.

Universal Inhumans:
The Kymellians are later shown being part of an alliance with the Inhumans, Badoon, Dire Wraiths and Centurians called the Universal Inhumans.
The reason for the 5 groups coming together is in Fantastic Four #577.  Apparently all 5 of the species were experimented on by the Kree in the hopes of jumpstarting Kree evolution.  The Kree believe that the 5 species all have the necessary genetic markers combined to help them.

Blackbolt is not happy about this and upon learning about it goes to Hala to kick Kree butt.  The other four species begin to look toward Blackbolt as a Messianic figure and the alliance is born.

Universal Inhumans

Cinema/Movie Universe:

In the beginning of the movie the Guardians of the Galaxy the character Starlord is traversing across the desolate planet of Morag.  There he observes remains that appear to have a horse head and a humanoid body.  It is not known if these were meant to be Kymellian remains.

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