Guardians of the Galaxy Team COSPLAY

I always find COSPLAY teams to be especially amazing.  Each COSPLAY is lot of work so finding a group of people who are capable of making multiple good ones is very difficult.

Some of the COSPLAY teams include almost every single cosmic Marvel character!

Moondragon, Phyla Vell, Gamora, Nova, Rocket, Starlord, Bug, Groot, Cosmo, Mantis, Warlock

Newest member of the GoTG Angela

A creative take on Rocket and Groot

This picture includes the Guardains plus Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer

A great Rich Rider and Gamora pair

Toylab has a freaking TON of Guardians of the Galaxy content related to reviews, the comics, art and cosplay check it all out at in the link below!

Toylab's Guardians of the Galaxy HQ

See More Awesome Cosplay

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