Universal Church of Truth

The Universal Church of Truth is an intolerant religious movement that sends its zealot soldiers throughout the galaxy to force others into its belief system.  Their armies crisscross the universe in giant Temple Ships that are powered by the faith of their followers.   Those that do not believe in accordance with church are labeled heretics and executed or rehabilitated.
They are also fond of rehabilitation where they use drugs to break the wills of their foes and brain wash them into following the movement.
The Church has spread through much of the universe and is very powerful.  They are constant foes of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel Villains Week! Time to explore the underside of the Marvel Universe
Who is Adam Warlock? Is he Starlord's father? 
Who is Starlord's Father?  
Who are the characters of the Guardians of the Galaxy 
Marvel Alien Races and Cosmic Maps

Location - They are spread throughout the galaxy however their planet origin and their home base is Sirius X.

Planet: Sirius X - Also called Homeworld by followers
Star System: Hercules Cluster

Galaxy: Milkyway

The second homeworld of the Church is called Sacrosanct. I do not know which Star System it is in but it is likely still within the Milkyway galaxy.

Black Knights
The enforcers of the church doctrine are called Black Knights.  Black Knights are warriors of a variety of alien races, they sometimes have super powers, they some times do not, they are always religious zealots ready to fight to death.
Black Knights

The elite forces of the church are called Cardinals they are super powered warriors.

Cardinal Raker
Magus - The alter ego of Adam Warlock is the founder and defacto leader of the movement.
Matriarch - The leader of the movement in Magus's absence.

The Universal Church of Truth is created by the evil alter ego of Adam Warlock called the Magus Adam Warlock is sucked into a different dimension where he is twisted and made evil.  He then is sent 5000 years in the past to the Planet Siruis X.  He is attacked by locals who he easily kills.  The survivors begin to worship him as a god.  Using his advanced knowledge Siruis's technology begins to far exceed of anyone else at the time.  The church quickly begins expanding like a virus across the Universe.

The church is one of the main vehicles of power for Magus.  With the church Magus is able to conquer the entire universe in some timelines.

The time traveler Kang has warned that nearly all timelines are becoming Magus timelines leading the Guardians of the Galaxy to try to attempt to kill Magus, or Adam Warlock before he becomes evil.  Even when they think Magus is killed, the church and it enigmatic leader seem to continue to live on.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
The Church was not featured in the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy.  Warlock's cocoon was featured in the Collector's warehouse and at the end of the movie his cocoon appears to be broken open.  This would indicate that Adam Warlock is some where in the universe.

This could mean that there is also a Magus, and a Universal Church of Truth.

It would make sense to have the Church as a villain if Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is focused on Adam Warlock.

Marvel Villains Week! Time to explore the underside of the Marvel Universe
Who is Adam Warlock? Is he Starlord's father? 
Who is Starlord's Father?  
Who are the characters of the Guardians of the Galaxy 
Marvel Alien Races and Cosmic Maps

Joaquin Phoenix to be Doctor Strange?

Collider is reporting that Joaquin Phoenix is in final talks to play Doctor Strange.

This is the 5th name I have heard to be in the running to play Doctor Strange about a week but it sounds legitimate.  This obviously means I was wrong about Joss Whedon's Aaron Paul tweet from yesterday.

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Joaquin could easily pull off the look of the Doctor Stephen Strange as seen in the comics.  He also has some serious acting chops and should have no problems in that department.  I loved Joaquin's version of Johny Cash hopefully I will love him as the Sorceror Supreme.

My only worry is Joaquin can be kind of flake.  I am hoping he has his head screwed on tight and is ready to do a multiple movie deal.

What do you think?

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Aaron Paul is Doctor Strange? Whedon seems to think so

Aaron Paul is Doctor Strange?


 We may have our Doctor Strange people!

Could Aaron Paul have been cast as Dr Strange?

A tweet from Joss Whedon:

I do not know if this is valid or not.  Aaron Paul is a great actor but I have not heard about him being in the running to be the magical Dr Strange?

Whedon has since deleted the tweet, potentially it beat out an official announcement, or perhaps he was just joking.

Who is Dr Strange?
Dr Strange is the Sorceror Surpreme of the Marvel universe.  He is effectively the most knowledgable and powerful hero in the arcane / magical arts.

His name Stephen Strange was mentioned as a target of project Insight in the movie Captain America 2.

Who is Aaron Paul?

Aaron Paul is most known for playing Jesse Pinkman in the hit series Breaking Bad.  He played a low level drug dealer who is pulled deep in to the business of cooking meth.  By the end of the show he has become something like the last moral compass of the show as its main character Walt gets darker and darker.

Dr. Strange would be a very different role for Paul but I am sure he could pull it off.

What do you think of this pick?

Isabelle Hartley - Bio, Speculation, and News

First picture of Agent Hartley
Hot News:
THE HUB: Home to latest SHIELD news and speculation 
Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Reveal New Characters! - SPOILERS

Isabelle Hartley is a new agent that will appear in Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD.  She will be played by Xena actress Lucy Lawless.

She rumored to be an expert with knives and edged weapons.

Premiere Spoilers
Isabelle Hartley touches an oblesk like object said to be the first 084.  This item turns her arm to dead matter.  Lance Hunter amputated her arm but the Absorbing Man attacks their car.  Seemingly, both Hartley and her team member Idaho are dead.  Only Lance Hunter seems to be alive.
Could Hartley end up returning?  She did touch an 084 with still unknown properties perhaps this could bring her back.


What is the new dance called Grooting? See how it was invented.

Rooker and Dave Bautista invent Grooting in this hilarious clip.  The dance that is taking the world based off storm.  Based off the final scene in Guardians of the Galaxy where a baby Groot dances to Jackson 5.

Do you want a baby Groot official options from Marvel are finally starting emerge.  See the posts below to find your own baby dancing Groot!

Guardians Merchandise - Clothes, Toys, Games and Info!

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Jemma Simmons - Bio, News and Speculation


New clip from Episode 3 SIMMONS IS HYDRA! 


BIO: Season 1 (SPOILERS)
"I'm engineering, she's bio-chem."
―Leo Fitz-- referring to himself and Jemma Simmons

Jemma is brilliant biochemist who chose to work in field rather than in a lab.  She joins Coulson's team along with her equally brilliant friend engineer Leo Fitz.  Much of the equipment used by the team comes from Simmons and Fitz.   The two are sometimes referred to as Fitzsimmons.  Fitz clearly has feelings for Jemma and at times shows signs of jealousy when men like Ward and Antoinne Triplett entered the picture.  Fitz does not articulate his feelings to Jemma directly though, until the very end of the season.

At one point she is infected with a Chitauri alien virus.  During this event she jumps out of the plane to save the team.  She is however saved in flight by Ward who jumps from the plane with serum and a parachute.

To Fitz's dismay the Agent Specialist Antoinne Triplett began to show interest in Simmons.  It is not clear if they are only friends or if they feel something more.

At the end of the season Fitz and Simmons are trapped in a cell under the ocean.  The two brilliant minds hatch a plan to make it to the surface but requires one of them to travel to the surface without oxygen.  Fitz sacrifices himself to get Simmons to the surface.  Fitz survives but it is unclear what the effects of lacking oxygen will have on him.

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The Giver movie review - A gift well worth recieving


 The Giver:


I thought the Giver was haunting and thought provoking.  It does have some issues.  There were parts of it that were slow and dragged out.  The community's government and set up were also left largely unexplained.
I felt reading the book beforehand supplied me with information to fill in the gaps of areas where the movie moves quickly or does not cover.

If you do not understand that family units are put together by the government, and children have no relationship to the parents that raise them.  The parents simply act as a caretakers.  That there is no romance or sex then you do not understand the dull limbo that is the Giver's world.

There were also moments where it seemed the characters flaunted the rules of the community to the point where you questioned if they had more freedom than it seemed.

The acting of the main lead Jonas also felt a little flat.  Those who have not read the book may also be thrown at the movie's ending.

Some of these problems were somewhat expected.  As I read the book I kept thinking how hard it would be to turn this great story into a movie.  I was impressed that Hollywood decided to make it.  This is a story that does not offer much in the way of action, it has a cerebral beauty and darkness to it that is not often seen in movies today.  The movie was certainly tweaked to add some dashes of romance, action and drama.  Some may disagree but I felt the changes were mostly successful.

The movie really succeeds in making one feel grateful for the freedoms, emotions, and overall beauty that we take for granted everyday.  How precious it is to have the right to choose things.  Leaving the Giver you might feel the inclination to stop and see the beauty of a tree, a flower, a sunrise.  The feeling gratefulness, is truly a gift and I thank Giver for it.

A gift well worth receiving.

Thor #25 The new Female Thor's first appearance!

 Thor #25 promises to be an awesome book.

It holds 3 stories within it and each has a bit of punch plus awesome art throughout.   Each story has a different artist with a different style.  I always love Thor art in part because there are a lot of different ways you can go with it. You can have a modern sleek look or you can go play with a medieval / folklore look.   There are big changes coming for Thor and this book will give us some of the information.  Who is the new female Thor?  What happens to the old Thor?

Story #1 A story about a young Thor using his magic axe Jarnbjorn against a host of Frost Giants.  This is the Axe he will take up when he loses his hammer to the new female Thor.

Story #2 The story of Malekith's rise to power of the Dark Elves

Story #3 Thors granddaughters uncover a startling secret and a revelation about the new female.

The new Thor's first appearance will also be in this issue.  After this issue Thor will restart back to #1 with the new female Thor at the helm of the book.

For 4.99 a very good value.  Expect it on shelves on Sept 17th.

Get in on the ulimate Thor mystery who is the female Thor?

Hammer Store!
Get your Hammer on with these awesome Thor products from Amazon!

Where is the Female Thor's first appearance in Thor #25 you ask.  Lets take a look at the art and you will see it clearly.  Thor #25 has a variety of short stories included in it and in one of them we see a vision of the future where King Thor has taken on the role of Odin.  In this vision younger Asgardians are poking through his books and discover a picture of female Thor wielding Mjolnir.

The three girls are grand daughters of Thor and have the names of Frigg, Atli and Ellsiv they are sometimes refered to as the goddesses of Thunder.  They have appeared in a couple stories notably to help Thor defeat Gorr the got butcherer and also in a battle vs Galactus.  While all these goddesses are similar to Thor none have actually used the mantle of Thor and thus are not the female Thor.

You can see the first appearance of the Female Thor in the panels below.

The firet appearance of female Thor is in this panel bottom right

Here is a closer look at the Panel that has the first appearance of the lady version of Thor.

First appearance of female Thor can be seen on far right
Papa Thor appears looking very Odin like and he does not like his Grand Kids snooping around and finding that picture.  Its part of history he preferred was forgotten.  You will also note that Thor has his metal arm in this picture.  The arm's origin also begins with the female Thor's origin story.

Newly revealed Korath concept reopens the Blue vs Brown Skin Controversy

It looks as though Marvel initially planned for Korath to look more like a traditional Blue Kree.

Recently released concept art from artist Jackson Sze reveals a look that is more inline with comic version of the character.  Jackson Sze also did concept art for Thor 2 The Dark World.

This adds some evidence to the argument that Korath was converted to look more African American to add an African American character to the movie.  This makes some people angry.  I really did not mind too much and thought it could be pretty easily explained.
For more on my opinion see the post:
Why is Korath not blue? 

My Beef with Korath in the Movie
 I thought Korath was very under utilisized and under explained.  Though I thought the same thing about all of the Villains in Guardians of the Galaxy.  The heroes are all explained very well, and the villains not so much.  Korath also seemed to die in the end of the movie (This is somewhat unclear though) which is too bad because I would really like to see him come back and be fleshed out more in a sequel.

 Which look do you prefer between the 2 below?

Korath the Pursuer
Who is Korath the Pursuer? 
Why is Korath not blue? 
 From the Vault Quasar #32 - First Appearance of Korath

Korath concept art by Jackson Sze

Concept Art by Anthony Fransisco

Leo Fitz - Bio, News and Speculation


BIO: Season 1 (SPOILERS)

Leo Fitz is one of the super science geniuses brought into Coulson's team.   Fitz develops much of the teams weapons in particular their firearms that paralyze the teams foes he calls these guns "icers."

Fitz develops a close relationship with Ward when the two are sent on a suicide mission.  He is in disbelief when Ward turns out to be a Hydra double agent.

While Fitz clearly has feeling for Simmons he does not reveal anything until they both are trapped under the ocean facing certain sense at season end finale.

The season ends with Fitz dangerously foregoing oxygen to get Simmons to the surface safely.   Fitz survives but is unclear how the lack of oxygen effected his mental capacity.

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Adrianne Palicki to play Mockingbird in Agents of SHIELD season 2

Big Agents of SHIELD casting news has been reported from The Hollywood Reporter.  Andrianne Palicki has been hired to play Bobbi Morse AKA Mockingbird.

Who is Mockingbird? and why is she AWESOME!
THE HUB: Home to latest SHIELD news and speculation 

Palicki is known for Lady Jaye in GI JOE Retaliation as well as playing Wonderwoman in the planned but failed pilot episode.

Bobbi Morse is said to show at Episode #5 of season 2 and may reappear throughout the season.  Despite playing a hero or character may be initially opposed to Coulson and his team.  Does anyone have any ideas as to why?  My guess is that she has a beef with one of characters that Coulson is adding to his team.

Pictures of Adrianne Palicki:

GI Joe Retaliation

Palicki working out preping to be Mockingbird

Mockingbird is known for being a bad ass martial artist particularly with a staff. She is also Clint Barton's AKA Hawkeye's wife.  They are like the Mr and Mrs. Smith of the Marvel Universe.

Mockingbird was killed and stayed dead in the comics for a quite awhile.  She was eventually found a live in a cell on a space ship after the events of Secret Invasion where the Skrulls invaded Earth.

Who is Mockingbird? and why is she AWESOME!

Is Skye's Father Maximus the Mad?

At the end of season 1 of Agents  of Shield we  see an image of Skye's father who seems to be bathing in a tub of blood.  He appeared very dark and villainous.

Is he a new character or is he pulled from Marvel's existing roster of characters.   If Skye turns out to be an inhuman (See Post:  Is Skye an Inhuman?) one possible candidate for her father is the dark prince of the Inhumans, Maximus the Mad.

Kyle MacLachlan set to join Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Agent Skye's father in Season 2 (photo by Getty Images)
After the actor Kyle MacLachan was hired to play an unknown but critical role in Season 2 rumors have swirled around who he might play.  Many including myself think he will be playing Skye's father.    Not that it means much but I think he bears a striking resemblance to Maximus the Mad.

It seems like one way or another MacLachlan will be Skye's father.

Who is Maximus the Mad?

He is crazy and antisocial, but also a genius.  He is a member of the Inhuman Royal Family.  He has the power to control and manipulate people's minds.

Maximus is a member of the Royal family behind only his older brother in line to be King.

Maximus is made insane by being too close to Blackbolt's sonic scream.  Blackbolt unleashed his powerful scream to destroy an enemy Kree ship.  Maximus had been plotting with the Kree agent.  Unfortunately, the sonic assault also killed Blackbolt's and Maximus's parents as well.

While Blackbolt feels bad for what happened to his brother,  he still sees him as a threat.  Due to Maximus's constant treachery he is eventually banished from the home of the Inhuman's, Attilan.

Part of me thinks this banishment could be used for Agents of SHIELD.  Maximus would be banished with a small cadre of loyalists and be living amongst humans.  If Maximus had a daughter she would be part of the genetically powerful royal family blood line and thus very important.


Guardians of the Galaxy Schwag T-Shirts and Clothes

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J'son of Spartax will not be Starlord's father in GotG 2

Well I need to eat some crow.  I was pretty sure that Starlord's father in the cinema world would be the same as in the comics and be J'son of Spartax.
J'son (Earth-616) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 1 001
I am not the Father.....YES  I knew it!
Well I am apparently I am wrong...this is beginning to feel like an episode of Jerry Springer.
James Gunn on Peter Quill's father says

"It's definitely not the character who it is in the comics, I'll say that much "

So who is father?
Who is Starlord's Father?  

Bill Mantlo creator of Rocket Raccoon update

Lets talk about the Boisterous One Bill Mantlo.

Bill Mantlo deserves to be mentioned for a few reasons first and foremost he is the creator of the Marvel character Rocket Raccoon.  He also created other amazing characters including my personal favorites Cloak and Dagger.  Unfortunately, Bill Mantlo is also known for a terrible accident that befell him in 1992 that left him requiring the need to be cared for during the past 20+ years.

His brother Mike Mantlo has battled by his side navigating the hurdles of our insurance industry and federal health industry over that time.  Mike and his wife have maintained constant visits to try to keep his brother's spirits up.  I don't think his work in helping his brother can be understated.  Mike maintains a place for people wanting to help Bill (Please see link below to donate):

Greg Pak's article with Donation Instructions

There are other charities connected to Bill Mantlo's name.  I personally would give money to the link above and I will explain why.

Unfortunately, before the accident Bill Mantlo had a bad divorce.  His children Adam and Corrina seem to have been effected by both the divorce and with the emotional trauma of the accident.  Due to this they disagree with how Mike ran Bill's affairs.  They also did not visit their father for nearly 20 years.  Corrina maintains a charity in her father's name as well, this one with aim of creating an educational foundation under his name.  It has a facebook page but has not been updated for years.  I do not want to pass blame and judgement on anyone who is in this difficult situation but to me Mike is the one who is manning the walls, in the trenches and storming the castle. The task of taking care of a loved one is never easy and Bill's case has been particularity difficult.

To fully understand what happened to Bill Mantlo I highly recommend reading:
Tragic Tale - LifeHealthPro story of Bill Mantlo

I would like to highlight some of the comments included in Tragic Tale Story that concern accusations from Corrina and Adam on the selling of certain properties of Bill's.  Part of me does not like posting these private matters but I also feel like people need to know who to give money to and this information is helpful in the matter.

Thank you, Bill Coffin, for your compassionate interpretation of my brother's story, and current situation. Aside from a little revisionistic history from Adam & Corinna (their recollections couldn't possibly be skewed further from the truth than what they have told you), what you have recounted is "right on". I sincerely hope Bill's children will finally accept what has happened, and open their hearts enough to allow Bill to have a relationship with them once again. The love of his family is all that he has to look forward to at this point. If they could just provide Bill with the love and emotional support he needs (instead of ignoring him as they have for nearly 20 years) his life could be 100% better. The door is open.....please don't let this opportunity die.
For my brother, Bill....I LOVE YOU, BRO!

-Mike Mantlo

Mike, thanks to you, first and foremost, for making this article possible. This entire project began with you graciously spending your time with me and offering a great deal of detail on Bill's case, which has otherwise seemed to have disappeared.
On the point of Adam and Corinna, I think it is important to note here - so that our readers can see this as well - that something I have tried to put forth in this article is that you had an extremely difficult job with Bill on multiple fronts, and were I to ever find myself in a similar situation, I cannot imagine how it might have been handled differently.
I'll share a comment my executive editor said when he first read this story, "Mike Mantlo is the hero here." I think there is a lot to back that up.
Something else I should have included in this article is this: I made a big deal about Adam coming to visit Bill because it was a first reunion after many years. Mike has been visiting his brother regularly since he was moved to Queens-Nassau. The staff there spoke highly of him for it, in fact.

Dear Mr. Coffin:
While I thank you for bringing my cousin Bill’s story to the public, I do take issue that as a writer you failed to check that all statements were factual. Whether its selective memory on the part of Adam and Corrina or someone fed them false information, either way there’s not a speck of truth in their comments. Hopefully, they will finally realize how wrong they were and thank their uncle for the care he has provided for their father. As your editor rightly stated, Mike is the hero. Most importantly after almost 20 years of absence, I truly hope that they will open up their hearts to a relationship with the man who was and is still their father.
- Jean Di Benedetto

Where is Marvel in all this?
Marvel is there and helping.  First Marvel went to Bill Mantlo's room to give him a special premiere of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  Bill, Mike and his wife were treated to a special showing and it apparently was a great, great day for Bill.  It really warms my heart that Bill is able to see one of his character's blow up in popularity.

For the record the number one selling comic in July was Scottie Young's Rocket Raccoon.and it is amazing!  Rocket Raccoon is doing well both in film and in print.

Bill's name was notably in the credits for creating Rocket Raccoon.

Marvel's presence is also supplying some help to Bill Mantlo.  There are no details concerning how but from what people have told me some royalty may have been put in place on Rocket Raccoon merchandise.  Keep in mind if you read the article Bill was not necessarily legally entitled to receive these streams of money and they are being done by Marvel in recognition of him.

From Bill Mantlo's facebook page:

Michael Mantlo‎Bill Mantlo

FOLKS, FOLKS, FOLKS.....please, enough of the hating on Marvel. Marvel has compensated, is compensating, and will continue to compensate Bill well into the future for anything that he's entitled to compensation for. Please don't spread false or malicious rumors, gang. Bill's relationship with Marvel is EXCELLENT, and I wish for it to continue to be so. And all the false or exaggerated "facts" being tossed around about his accident (he was NOT in a coma for "years", and the family was NOT put into financial ruin or destitution, among other WRONG "facts"). Yes, Bill was the victim of a horrible and tragic accident. Blowing everything out of proportion does no one any good. You guys (ALL OF YOU) have been a Godsend to Bill for these past 22 years by keeping his name & reputation alive, and by continuing to champion my cause of helping him improve his quality of life in whatever way I can, and I thank you ALL sincerely for that. Please, let's try some positive energy for the future, so that BILL MANTLO WILL RULE FOREVER!
I once again would like to promote giving money to help with Bill's care or sending him a fan letter.
Both can be found on the link below:

Greg Pak's article with Donation Instructions

To me this really does not count as charity for helping someone out that has created something as awesome as Rocket Raccoon.  It is just a simple trade, though in this trade I don't think I could ever give enough to make it fair.

As a big fan of his work I want to personally say thank you to Bill Mantlo.
Thank you Bill!

Why a Super Powered Nova can still happen

In the movie Guardians of the Galaxy we did not see a super powered Nova.  The Nova members we saw were more like space police in space ships.  However, Marvel very carefully inserted some key sentences in the movie that left open the possibility of seeing a super powerful Nova and maybe even set it up in the movie.

(Some Spoilers)

First, Nova Prime calls the highest officers she meets like Rhomman Dey by the term Denarian.  The term Denarian refers to a rank in the Nova Corps.  It means he was a lower rank than Centurian.  Centurian Nova member are usually those that have super powers.  Centurions can fly and lift heavy objects and do  all kinds of super things.  By not calling Dey a Centurion the possibility was left open for a Centurion in future films.

Ranks of Nova Corps
How the Ranks work within Nova

2nd much of the Nova Corps was killed off in the movie.  As the members share the Nova Force it could mean there is a glutt of power in the Nova Force and which will allow for more super powered members in the future.

What this means if you were disappointed you did not see a super powered Nova flying through the skies do not worry Marvel was careful to leave some doors open.

Who is Rich Rider - Nova?
Nova Worldmind - For info on Xandar and Nova Corps 
Who are the Nova Corps? 
Full Map of Andromeda Galaxy where Guardians takes place 
Xandar - Home of Nova Corps 

The Guardians of the Galaxy Sound Track also Rocks

Did you like the movie Guardians of the Galaxy?
Did you like the music?
Want to cruise in your car while feeling like your cruising the galaxy?  Well you are in luck.  The soundtrack for the movie is based off of Starlord's Awesome Mix #1 and it happens to be selling quite well.  It is quickly becoming one of the best selling sound tracks of all time.

Check it out:

The soundtrack listing includes:

Published on Jul 29, 2014
00:00 Hooked On A Feeling - Blue Swede
02:52 Go All The Way - Raspberries
06:13 Spirit In The Sky Norman - Greenbaum
10:16 Moonage Daydream - David Bowie
14:57 Fooled Around And Fell In - Elvin Bishop
19:33 I'm Not In Love - 10cc
25:36 I Want You Back - Jackson 5
28:35 Come And Get Your Love - Redbone
32:02 Cherry Bomb - The Runaways
34:20 Escape (The Pina Colada - Rupert Holmes
38:57 O-O-H Child The Five - Stairsteps
42:11 Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye , Tammi Terrell

Eventually, I'd want to tie each song to its respective scene in the movie.  For now though I do want to spoil too much of the movie.

More Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise:
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 Guardians Phone Game is AWESOME!
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Baby potted Groot toy - How to get one?

Also do you want to see Rooker do a hilarious impression of the Dancing Groot with Dave Bautista.
What is Grooting? The dance that is sweeping the nation! 

Why a Beta Ray Bill Movie may be coming


After seeing what I think looked like Beta Ray Bill in Guardians of the Galaxy I have begun looking for other signs of Beta Ray Bill.  I found some other signs that Marvel may have plans for our favorite Korbinite.
Yes true believers there are a few reasons to believe that Beta Ray Bill could be coming to movie screens soon.

1) There is a figure in a cape that strongly resembles Beta Ray Bill in the Collector's museum.  He does not show up after the museum is destroyed so we can presume that he is free.
Is Beta Ray Bill in Guardians of the Galaxy?

2) The Beta Ray Bill stories were the first Thor stories Chris Hemsworth said he read.  He likes the character Beta Ray Bill.

3) Guardians of the Galaxy showed many alien people that looked like Korbinites.  The fact that so many were on Xandar could mean that they have already left the Burning Galaxy.
Who are the Korbinites?
Bald and Orange = Korbinites
4) Surtur is rumored to be the villain of Thor 3.   Surtur is also key in Beta Ray Bills origin.  It is Surtur that creates the cataclysm that destroyed the planet Korbin and sent the Korbinites fleeing into space.  In the Beta Ray Bill story Bill and Thor join forces to battle Surtur.

5)  Age of Ultron - The cool thing about Beta Ray Bill is his ability to pick up Thor's hammer.  This happens after numerous heroes have tried to pick it up.  In Age of Ultron the first scene has all the heroes trying to pick up Thor's hammer.  Drawing attention to the enchantment on the hammer Mjolnir could be setting the stage Bill in a later movie.
Bill was created to really highlight the qualities that are necessary to pick up the hammer.  This is best explained by Bill's creator Walt Simonson.

During a Thor Spotlight at Baltimore Comic Con Walt Simonson who created Beta Ray Bill said:
One of the cool things about Thor was the enchantment around Mjolnir and the original inscription on it. So I thought, well that means someone else can pick up this hammer and get this power, if they're worthy! So since then, some other big characters, people's favorites, have picked up the hammer, Captain America, Superman, whoever. But at this point, no one had ever picked up the hammer. I liked the idea of Cap walking to the bathroom and seeing it, and grabbing and just tugging, not being able to. So this had to be someone new. This is the most powerful weapon of the Norse gods. This hammer is a killing weapon. It's used to kill Frost Giants and others. So, Superman couldn't pick it up, cause he's never going to kill anyone, and the hammer knows that. Captain America, he's too patriotic. He's too much a symbol of America to be chosen by this Norse artifact. So he couldn't get it. So I created Bill because he's noble, and he's designed to kill. He's got a great purpose as a warrior, and also the noble ability. That makes him "worthy" whatever that may be.
...So I wanted for Bill, I wanted him to have a "monstrous" look as a visual, so that everyone would think he's a bad guy, and I got letters after the first issue that said "What on earth? Why is this monster picking up the hammer, what's wrong with you?" and I said "I got it!" So I basically started with a skull, and then I made him a bit like a horse, with the gap behind the teeth. But horses are beautiful creatures. So what I was aiming for is a sense of death, a sense of monster, underlined by beauty. His costume was the same so that the minute you see that image, when he strikes the stick and becomes "Beta Ray Thor" or whatever, you know: OK, that guy has the powers of Thor. So that's why Bill had the monstrous face, that's why that stuff was done the way it was done.[3]

When will Beta Ray Bill show up?
When will Bill show up?  My best guess is that he will show up in Thor 3.  It would be an epic and cosmic story that could also help tie into Avengers 3 and Guardians.  

Guardians of the Galaxy Team COSPLAY

I always find COSPLAY teams to be especially amazing.  Each COSPLAY is lot of work so finding a group of people who are capable of making multiple good ones is very difficult.

Some of the COSPLAY teams include almost every single cosmic Marvel character!

Moondragon, Phyla Vell, Gamora, Nova, Rocket, Starlord, Bug, Groot, Cosmo, Mantis, Warlock

Newest member of the GoTG Angela

A creative take on Rocket and Groot

This picture includes the Guardains plus Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer

A great Rich Rider and Gamora pair

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