What does T.A.H.I.T.I. mean? Agents of SHIELD speculation (Spoilers)

What does T.A.H.I.T.I. really mean? (SPOILERS)

Also is there significance to the tag line repeated again and again of it being a magical place.

Most Agent's of SHIELD fan think they know what TAHITI means, but I am hear to tell you, that you don't know.

You know nothing Jon Snow

Background on GH 325 and its Mar Vell Connection"
Marvel has all but revealed that the blue alien corpse that is in the Gate House (GH) facility.  GH 325 was a serum derived from Kree blood that causes rapidly miracle like healing.  It also seems to expand a person's consciousness giving them what Marvel likes to call "Cosmic Awareness."  The Cosmic Awareness is how Coulson begins writing down alien cosmic equations at the end of the season.  A normal Kree's blood would not cause these effects.  Some Kree have cosmic awareness but not all.  Some Kree have healing abilities but not all.

This means that the Kree body is not a normal Kree but a special Kree.  One special Kree in particular that has Cosmic Awareness is the Kree named Mar Vell the first Captain Marvel.

 What does TAHITI mean?
Potential T.A.H.I.T.I. translations

Olikarna's translation - TAHITI - Thought And Human Intellect Transference Initiative (or Interface) 

Toylab translation - Transfering Alien Human Intelligence Thought Initiative

TAHITI means Mind Swap? What does that mean?

I think TAHITI has to do with moving a mind or memories from one person or alien to another.  Effectively, I think there is a lot more to Coulson than meets the eye.  This line of thinking is supported by Roger Wardell the infamous Marvel leaker.
Some how a Kree Hero mind was moved or connected to agent Coulson through the TAHITI process. The technology to do this was deemed useful by Agent Fury for his Avengers project and a new Space/Alien branch of SHIELD was created called Sword.  Coulson/Mar Vell worked in this unit growing it and perfecting both a serum based of Mar Vell's blood and the memory transfer machine TAHITI to work as a way to resurrect heroes.

 Mind = Energy =Magic

One other interesting thing about talking about minds is that mental energy is said to be the core of how Magic will work in the Marvel Universe.
With talk about a Dr. Strange movie on the horizon a full explanation of TAHITI may offer clues on magic will work.

Coulson is Rick Jones?
For much of Mar Vell's comic run as Captain Marvel he was trapped in a different dimension but maintained a connection to a human named Rick Jones.  When needed Mar Vell was able to take over Rick Jones body with his full Cosmic Powers for 3 minutes.  After the 3 minutes were up he needed to revert back to the other dimension.

I tend to think that Coulson has Mar Vell lingering inside him now, with some weird connection.  Perhaps, he will begin to manifest himself in season 2.......perhaps he already has?

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