The Mystery behind the Seagate Prison Files?

What are the Seagate Prison Files?

I have been searching and scouring the internet for information on Marvel's upcoming TV series the Defenders based on Daredevil, Luke Cage, IronFist and Jessica Jones.  One site I stumbled across was interesting it was a site about Seagate Prison.  Seagate Prison is an important locale it is where a lot of bad guys reside similar to Arkham Prison in the Batman DC universe.  It is also where Luke Cage receives his powers and it was also featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the Marvel Short "All Hail to the King" about Trevor Slattery.

The Blog I found is written from the first person perspective of the Warden of Seagate Prison Tyler Stewart.  Tyler Stewart also plays a major part in the Luke cage mythos.
Note from Tyler Stewart

Initially all of the posts were primarily around the character's shown in the All Hail the King short bur recently new posts have been about other Marvel projects.

Last week it posted an article on the Kingpin
Wilson Fisk AKA Kingpin - Prisoner File

Yesterday the Blog posted a real doozy.  It posted a page on Scott Lang aka Antman.  This would be the first information of real substance I have seen on the Antman Movie.  Everything else linked on that project flew out the window when Edgar Wright left it.
Scott Lang - Prisoner File

Some of the information on the site is not available anywhere else.  Is the site just a person making up information on what they think will happen or is it from an insider at Marvel?  Perhaps it is a secret site meant to be a guerrilla marketing tactic?  I am not sure because I have not seen it mentioned by anyone else yet.

I really can not say what this Blog is but its posts are interesting. The Scott Lang post in particular is a little funny.

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