New Guardians of the Galaxy Promo site will let you travel the verse

Feeling down?
Maybe your problem is the planet your on.

Maybe you need to get away?

The new promo site for Guardians of the Galaxy lets you explore the street view of 3 of the locales featured in the movie: Xandar where Nova Corps is located, Morag where Starlord is exploring ruins in the trailer, and the Mysterious Space Station called Knowhere.

One notable mistake:
The site calls Knowhere a mining station which does not make any sense to me.  Marvel  should hire just to make sure their cosmic stuff makes sense.  What on earth is being mined on the edge of the expanding universe in the middle of no where.  At any rate the site is awesome and this is a small gripe.  If you really want to know about Knowhere click on the Nova Worldmind link below:


Bill Mantlo creator of Rocket Raccoon Could use your Help:
Hear the Raccoon! Plus Mantlo charity
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Nova Worldmind - Marvel's Top 10 Cosmic Races and Map

You can find it at:
Galaxy Getaways 

They also offer a few interesting games and a funny promo video.

It provides some great pictures of the different places:




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