Marvel Cosmic Map

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Places organized by Placement / Galaxy 

Interdimensial or Unknown Locales:

Maveth - A planet introduced in Agents of SHIELD it is not clear which galaxy the planet is located.  I think most likely candidates are Greater Magellanic Cloud (Home of Kree) or the Black Galaxy home to Ego the Living planet.

Edge of Universe
There are few mysterious places located on the edge of the expanding Universe:

Center of Universe

  • The Fault - Large break between different dimensions caused by events in War of Kings.

Andromeda Galaxy (M-31)
Andromeda Galaxy
The Andromeda Galaxy is a vibrant Galaxy in the Marvel Universe for the full break down of its Star Systems and aliens that reside there click on the Map below:

Full Map of Marvel's Andromeda Galaxy 
Andromeda is home to Xandar and the Skrull Empire

Highlighted Areas of Andromeda:
Nova Corps -Star System: Tranta

Xandar- Home of Nova Corps

 Skrull Empire - Star System: Drox and others ?
Skrullos, Tarnax IV and other Skrull Planets 

Large/Greater Magellanic Cloud Galaxy
Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy
Home of the Kree Empire

Shi'ar Galaxy (M-33 Triangulum)

Shi'ar Throne World - Chandilar and other Shi'ar Planets 
Spartoix Empire also resides within the Shi'ar galaxy.  The are a political offshoot of the Shi'ar but do not appear to racially based off the Shi'ar as they appear to be human and not Avian based.  The Spartoix Empire is made up of hundreds of planets while the Shi'ar empire is made up of millions of planets. 

Note a common Marvel Error - The Shi'ar galaxy is commonly said to be M-31 this is an error by Marvel.  M-31 is the Star map number for Andromeda Galaxy (Skrulls Galaxy).  They likely meant M-33 which is the Triangulum Galaxy.  I have seen one post from some one else who thinks it is meant to be M-33 as well.  At any rate hopefully some one at Marvel will read this post and stop printing maps showing it as M-31(Like the one above).  Especially since the Shi'ar are currently the most important alien empire in the Marvel Universe.

Milkyway Galaxy
The Milkyway Galaxy

The Milkyway Galaxy is home to Earth, The Badoon Empire, Halfworld and Zen La. 
Milkyway Galaxy full map and details

Keystone Quadrant Star System:


Sol Star System:
Earth / Terra

Fornax Galaxy
Fornax Galaxy

Tayo Star System-Planet Sakaar 
What is the infamous Planet Hulk Story on Sakaar?  

The Black Galaxy
Not much is known about the Black Galaxy but it is home to Ego the Living Planet

 More Marvel Universe Info:
 Full Nova Worldmind info including Maps, Alien Races

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