Earth in the Marvel Universe

Planet: Earth or Terra
Solar System: Sol
Galaxy: Milkyway

Native Races: Humans, Mutants, Eternals, Inhumans, Alanteans, Lemurians.  Humans make up the bulk of the population and the other races are actually subbranches of humanity.  Many of the subbranches have extremely powerful members making them important to account for.

Places of Interest

Famous Hydra bases:
North America




Earth in the Marvel Universe
Earth is a very important planet in the Marvel Universe.   There is more to Marvel's Earth than simply being in the most stories because we humans happen to live here.  Marvel made Earth even more special.

One of the most important aspects about Earth is that it has been tinkered with by the most powerful race in the Marvel Universe the Celestials.  Earth is not the only race to be tinkered with.  Skrulls for example have been heavily tinkered by the Celestials as well.  Humans stand out though because the tinkering with humans seems the most in-depth and the reasons for it are completely unknown.

Celestial Tinkering:
 Long ago the ancient, and powerful race called the Celestials visited Earth.  Celestials are near god like, extremely advanced race full of cosmic power.  They wear giant shells of armor and stand around 2000 ft tall.  No human has seen through their armor to know their true form underneath.  The Celestials have come to Earth on four occasions and each time have had a huge impact on the history of the planet.

Celestial Trip 1:  (~1 million years ago) Celestials began tinkering with the DNA of human beings.  Two sub species of humans are created the Eternals and the Deviants (Lemurians).
Celestial Trip 2:  Celestials destroy Deviant Branch home of Lemuria.  As a repercussion the continent of Atlantis sinks into the Ocean.
 Celestial Trip 3: Celestials force the Olympian, Asgard and all other mythological pantheons to stop interfering with Earth affairs.
Celestial Trip 4:  Celestials judge whether humanity should continue and find it worthy.  They take 12 humans who represent different human accomplishments with them.

The result of all the tinkering on Earth is that humans have the capability to gain extreme powers through Mutant genes.  All of the mutants on Earth are the result of this DNA tinkering.  Powerful offshoots of humanity such as the Atlanteans, Lemurians, and Eternals also exist due to the Celestials.

The Kree and Inhumans
The Kree take note of the humanity as they pass by.  They notice the signs of DNA tinkering by the Celestials and stop to investigate and experiment.  At this point in time Supremor leader of the Kree was looking for means of jump starting the Kree's genetic evolution.  The Kree's experiments on humanity lead to the creation of a new branch of humanity called the Inhumans.  Inhumans are meant to be weaponized humans whose powers are left dormant until exposed to the proper set of chemicals.  The Kree for an unknown reason leave Earth and their Inhuman experiment. 

In various ways humans have found ways to give themselves them superpowers beyond those invested in them by the Celestials.  These superhumans are as powerful and dynamic as their mutant bretheren and include;
1) The Fantastic 4
2) The Hulk
3) Spiderman
4) Iron Man
5) Hulk

Mythological gods:
While the gods of old swore to the Celestials not to interfere with human affair they still do from time to time.  Some heroes on Earth come from these races like the Olympians and the Asgard.  Many of these Mythological beings have home planets that are inter-dimensionally connected to Earth.

Invaded by Aliens
 Humans have not created a vast interstellar empire like the Shi'Ar, Skrulls, or Kree but they have managed to maintain control of their own planet and fight off numerous invaders.

Earth has been attacked by a wide range of aliens but their attempts of failed in large part due to the powerful Superhumans, and Mutants that reside on the planet.

Earth's official defenses from alien invader are under control of the organization SWORD.  Aiding SWORD at anytime are any number of Superhumans and mutants.   Also teams of Superhumans/Aliens/Mutants like the Avengers, X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy periodically act to defend the planet from interstellar threats.

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