Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Setting up major Avengers Crossover (Spoilers)

Expect another major Agent's of SHIELD Cross Over Event
(SPOILERS- Not necessarily Major Ones)

(EDITED - The second half of Agents of SHIELD begins in January.  I apologize for freaking everyone out.   )

I am in Avengers 2
After great debates on whether or not Agents of SHIELD performed well enough to continue it looks like Marvel is planning for at least 2 more seasons.   The first half of Season 2 will begin airing at 9 pm in the fall of 2014.  During the break between the 2 parts of the season the new show Agent Carter will air at the 9 pm time slot.

What finally took Agents of SHIELD into overdrive was its crossover with Captain America the Winter Soldier.  Marvel noticed this too as ratings for the show went up and the movie sold tickets like hotcakes.  The show became a weekly hour long commercial for the movie.
By contrast, the show had a somewhat weak tie in to the Thor 2 movie and the creators actually went back and pulled in Jaime Alexander's Sif character for an extra show.  Between the two movies Marvel learned that the more the show is tied into its movies the better it is for both vehicles.

It should come as no surprise then that the Agent's will some how tie into the oncoming behemoth  Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The second half of Agents of SHIELD Season 2 is expected to start in Jan 2015 and the release date for Avengers 2 Age of Ultron is May 2015.  Likely, we will see the later part of Agent's tie into the movie.

Further confirmation of this has come with the news that one of the agents has appeared on set.  My favorite agent Antoine Triplett (Actor BJ Britt) has been sighted on the set of Avengers suited up.

How will the show and movie tie together?  I have no idea?  My guess is that the first part of the season will focus on Coulson rebuilding SHIELD, Splinter Hydra Cells, Skye and her origins,  Ward fallout, and then at some point it will start transferring toward Age of Ultron.  We do know that the first villain in the Avengers movie will be Baron Von Strucker from Hydra so there may be a natural way to insert the agents battle with hydra into that part of the story.

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