Guardians of the Galaxy Post Credit Scene SPOILERS MASSIVE SPOILERS



Do you want to know what the After Credit Scene for Guardians of the Galaxy is?

Ok Read below.

There are two scenes that will appear in Guardians of the Galaxy.  The Mid Credit scene likely offers spoilers on upcoming movies the last one the End Credit scene is normally a bit silly.  This one appears to be over the top silly.

The scene will feature the character Howard the Duck one of the most silly characters ever created by Marvel but also one of the first to get his own movie.

Below you can see Howard the Duck as well as pictures from him in his old movie.  The new one some how looks even more creepy than the original.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Phone Game

I have really been enjoying the Smart Phone game for Guardians of the Galaxy.  It is a little pricey at $5 but if you are into Guardians of the Galaxy then I recommend getting it.
It is a fun game with easy controls, good visuals, funny connected story, and all the characters from the movie with a few cosmic extras.  You can for instance use Mantis even though she is not in the movie (as far as I know).  The story comes across as a few comic panels after certain missions and I found them all to be a lot of fun.

The characters upgrade RPG style based off of experience.  You also get to pick from sets of specific skills.  You get to add items and little gems that produce different effects.  The upgrades beautifully to require you to pay more money which always annoying.  This game definitely takes care of the financial cost all upfront.

Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy? 
Top 10 Character in Guardians of the Galaxy
Top 5 Villains in Guardians of the Galaxy 

If you know nothing about Guardians or the Cosmic Universe of Marvel this game can certainly help you learn.  If you love the Guardians of the Galaxy then you will likely love the game because it gives you chance to play with all of the characters.

I have a had a lot of fun with it.  It has provided my Guardians of the Galaxy fix as we get closer to the release of the movie.


Main Guardians Team

Villains and More:

Game Play


Your characters do a celebration dance after each successful mission.
Yay we rule!


Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy? 

Top 10 Character in Guardians of the Galaxy

Top 5 Villains in Guardians of the Galaxy 

Top 5 Marvel Places Visited in Guardians of the Galaxy Movie!

The Guardians of the Galaxies are going to visit some of the most important places in the Marvel Universe what are they?

1) Earth -  The home world of Starlord and a bunch of pesky primates who call themselves humans.
 Earth in the Marvel Universe

2) Knowhere-  A mysterious station made of the skull of a dead Celestial and run by a dog.
Knowhere Station is a Somewhere

3) Klyn - A terrible and mysterious place.
Mysterious Klyn Prison and Power Station

4) Xandar - Beautiful home world of the Nova Corps and its enigmatic World Mind.
Xandar - Home of Nova Corps

5) The Collectors Museum - The wonders of the Universe await in this bizarre place.
The Collector's Museum

SDCC 2014 Trailer for Walking Dead Season 5 reveals massive Spoilers

Massive amount of Spoilers in this video I am amazed how much they show on this.
So if you do not want to know do not watch!

Fort of the Living- All things Walking Dead Hub
How will Rick escape Terminus? 
What is Terminus?
Where is Beth?
Who is Gareth?

Which Wonderwoman look is better?

Which WonderWoman look do you like better and why?

Gal Gadot first actual Picture of Wonderwoman in new Movie -Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice

Cosplayer from Denver Comic Con

Agents of SHIELD Season 2 news from SDCC 2014 Spoilers!

Mockingbird is coming!


Patton Oswalt had a panel in Ballroom 20 of San Diego Comic Con and dished out a some HUGE details on season 2 of Agents of SHIELD.  This Season is going to kick off with dynamite like Boom as the war with Hydra gets serious.

In order to beef up SHIELD Coulson goes out to recruit some serious muscle to help his cause.  These new agents were part of the big reveal during comic con.

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Patton revealed a big doozey in that a cast of Agents will include the character Barbara Morse AKA Mockingbird.


Mockingbird is a bad ass martial artist hero/ SHIELD agent who in the comics is married to Clint Barton / Hawkeye.  She does not have super powers but she is at one point injected with a version of the super hero serum that gave Captain America his powers.  This serum greatly enhances her reflexes and strength. She usually uses a pair of batons that can be merged into a bow staff.  Her fighting skill is very high and she is capable of going toe to toe with most villains.  She is also a PHD Biologist.  Basically, think of her as a more direct fighting type of Black Widow with the scientific mind of Simmons.  There are a variety of comics with her and Hawkeye that have a feel of Mr and Mrs Smith.

The character died and stayed dead up until the Marvel Event Secret Invasion where she was found to be alive and being held by the Skrulls.  Clint Barton and Mockingbird almost immediately began teaming up as the world's most dangerous couple.

Isabelle Hartley -
This is a character that will be new for the show and will be played by Xena! That is right Lucy Lawless will be playing this character.  I don't know much about her other than she likes swords and knives and is a veteran who Coulson seeks out to bring into his war against Hydra.

Lance Hunter - 
This character is a bounty hunter who will team up with Agents.  He will be played by Nick Blood.   In the comics Lance Hunter is a British version of SHIELD called STRIKE.  He also is often involved with the character Contessa Allegra De Fontaine.  Contessa Allegra De Fontaine is another fun character most known for being a lover of Nick Fury.  I expect her to show up at some point during the season as well.  Listen for mentions of her when Lance Hunter hits the screen.

Not all of the reveals were of good guys.  It was also revealed that the agents would be facing the powerful Hydra agent code named Kraken.

Kraken is known for wearing a powerful helmet that covers his body in powerful armor.  His name was rumor for a large part of history because anyone who met him was killed.

He considered to be one of the most powerful and imposing Hydra agents / Leaders not an easy foe for the agents to go up against.

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The Mystery behind the Seagate Prison Files?

What are the Seagate Prison Files?

I have been searching and scouring the internet for information on Marvel's upcoming TV series the Defenders based on Daredevil, Luke Cage, IronFist and Jessica Jones.  One site I stumbled across was interesting it was a site about Seagate Prison.  Seagate Prison is an important locale it is where a lot of bad guys reside similar to Arkham Prison in the Batman DC universe.  It is also where Luke Cage receives his powers and it was also featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the Marvel Short "All Hail to the King" about Trevor Slattery.

The Blog I found is written from the first person perspective of the Warden of Seagate Prison Tyler Stewart.  Tyler Stewart also plays a major part in the Luke cage mythos.
Note from Tyler Stewart

Initially all of the posts were primarily around the character's shown in the All Hail the King short bur recently new posts have been about other Marvel projects.

Last week it posted an article on the Kingpin
Wilson Fisk AKA Kingpin - Prisoner File

Yesterday the Blog posted a real doozy.  It posted a page on Scott Lang aka Antman.  This would be the first information of real substance I have seen on the Antman Movie.  Everything else linked on that project flew out the window when Edgar Wright left it.
Scott Lang - Prisoner File

Some of the information on the site is not available anywhere else.  Is the site just a person making up information on what they think will happen or is it from an insider at Marvel?  Perhaps it is a secret site meant to be a guerrilla marketing tactic?  I am not sure because I have not seen it mentioned by anyone else yet.

I really can not say what this Blog is but its posts are interesting. The Scott Lang post in particular is a little funny.

Biggest Movie Panels at San Diego ComicCon 2014

Biggest Panels
The big panels tend to be movie focused and there was no shortage of them this year so lets dive into Hall H and see what happened this year.
Hall H is the mega hall where you have to stand in a separate line in the hopes of getting in.  To get into Hall H you almost have to dedicate your entire Comic Con to going only to Hall H.  Getting in there and getting the scoop there is a big deal.

Major Movie Panels
Avengers Age of Ultron
 I think this movie is going to be bigger than all of the rest of the movies here combined.  It is going to be huge.  The reasons are numerous:

1) It is the m#%$er f#$#ing Avengers Dude!
2) Marvel and Whedon have been doing so much right  Captain America the Winter Soldier was amazing, Guardians of the Galaxy looks amazing and Thor 2 had is faults but was still a very good movie.

3) New Characters and Easter Eggs for the future.  Marvel has been very smart in that their movies are more than simply the movie itself, they are about the Marvel Universe.  They interconnect everything they do.  It is a big Universe and Marvel always give us little peeks and these peeks make the movie larger than the sum of its parts.  This movie will be no exception and many including myself will spend TONS of time analyzing it to see where Marvel is going for Phase 3.  It means that I can not miss this movie.  We already have an idea of one crossover likely to happen with the movie Agents of SHIELD to Cross Over with Age of Ultron.

4) Ultron is one of Whedon's favorite villains and this story is the one he has been waiting to tell.  That is a very exciting prospect given how awesome Avengers 1 was.   In hindsight that movie may just be the foundation necessary to get us to this movie.  Avengers 1 was the meat and now it is time to feast on the desert.

'The Avengers: Age of Ultron'
Avengers Age of Ultron Promo Picture

Marvel brought along some interesting props to go along with their actors.
A model of Ultron Mark I was on display for the viewing public at SDCC.  This will the first version of Ultron that will likely be destroyed by the Avengers without too much fuss.  The problem with Ultron is that he always comes back, bigger and badder than before.

They also show cased a fist from Iron Man's Hulk Buster armor.  The Hulk Buster armor is designed to stand toe to toe in close combat with the Hulk.

Picture of Ultron Mark I
Iron Man Hulk Buster Armor

Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, and Cobie Smulders
Ruffalo, Hemsworth, Smulders, and Jackson

Chris Evans and Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Chris Evans and Aaron Taylor

James Spader and Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen, and James Spader

This movie has had some issues but it seems the movie about Marve's smallest hero is moving forward.
The 'Ant-Man' Team
Paul Rudd, Micheal Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll

Hobbit- The Battle of the Five Armies
I feel like the Hobbit could have been done in less movies and that the added material is taking away from so of its potential quality.  That said I am excited to see Battle of the Five Armies.
Evangeline Lilly and Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom, Evangeline Lilly

Batman vs Superman - Dawn of Justice

Am I excited about Dawn of Justice.....Yes I am, but not as much as I should be.  Zack Snyder is at the helm and he tends to do a very solid job.  He is likely the right director to go for the serious, gritty tones that DC is going for.  However, anytime I talk about this movie I get lost in my own critisms.  I have a ton criticisms on casting alone.  Hopefully, they will surprise me and all my worries will be washed away when I see the actual film.

I love Batman and WonderWoman so I should be very excited about this movie but DC has hit some wrong notes so far on this one.  Given the option I would choose to go to an Arrow based panel with Stephen Amell over the Justice League one.  Why because that show is so good, Amell is a perfect Arrow and everything I see from this movie just feels off.    How do you mess up a movie with some of the biggest comic characters EVER!.  I'm not sure but we may find out.

All that whining aside here we have the panel and the major actors to their credit were all there.  Each of the actors is facing a legion of angry geek mobs so showing up is no small thing.
Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Ben Affleck
Henry Caville, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck
 We also see the first shot of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.  She does not look bad, the costume itself looks great (Though I'd personally be in favor of pants).  Her eyes are trying to drum up as much power as possible from her anorexic Italian run way model frame.  Lets just hope a strong gust of wind does not arrive and knock her over.  Still she looks better than I thought, maybe with lots of special effects Snyder can make a believable Wonder Woman out of her.  No matter what this is not the role model I would have given girls all over the world and no this is not the message I would  have sent using the biggest symbol of female power.  That said it is, what it is and it could be worse (Don't believe me? try rewatching Green Lantern).

DC did release some pretty cool pictures one of Wonderwoman and one clip with Batman with glowing eyes received the most attention.

Comic-Con: First Wonder Woman Photo Revealed
Someone please give me a Cheese Burger -Maybe a few hundred of them
 Affleck's Batman looks like it will be partially inspired by Jim Lee's rendering and I think that is a good thing.  Lots of talk on it will be stiffer than the Bale outfit much like the earlier outfits. 

11 Potential Surprises at This Year’s Comic-Con
Affleck's sad Batman

 Jupiter Ascending
Who the heck knows what is going on with this movie.  It could be cool, it could be terrible who knows.
Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum

The Giver
My teenage daughter loves this book and apparently Jeff Bridges does to.  He has gone to great lengths to make this movie happen.  I am optimistic that this movie will be something to watch out for.

The 'Giver' Author Cameo We'll Never Get to See

Frank Miller's Sin City A Damsel to Kill For:
This movie promises to be as bad ass as the original and I have high hopes for it.
'Sin City' Citizens
Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin, Rosario Dawson

San Diego Comic Con Coverage - Groot and Rocket Lego Statue

San Diego Comic Con Coverage 2014

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Top 10 Mystery Characters who could appear in Guardians of the Galaxy!

There is an obvious buzz at San Diego around the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and one of the highlights on a the Con's floor is a statue of Rocket Raccoon and Groot made entirely of Legos.

Leonard Sultana shared the following pictures of a the statue and I have posted them below.  Check out Leonard's page he has tons of great material on the Guardians of the Galaxy.

I think the statue is a billion legos of fun.  Be sure to thank Leonard for cutting through the crowd to take these pictures.

Find Leonard HERE 



Top 10 mystery Characters Who Could Appear in Guardians of the Galaxy movie

Top 10 Mystery Characters Who Could Appear in the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

There are some cosmic characters that are not necessarily in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie but they could make a short cameo or be mentioned briefly.

Here are 10 characters that I will be looking and listening for:

Rich Rider
The Nova corps member that gives Rich Rider his powers is in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie could Rich make an appearance as well?

Watch out for Rich Rider - Nova

Moondragon is the daughter of Drax.  I am not sure if the origin of Drax will be the same as in the comics but it is possible she could exist in the movie universe.

 Watch out for Moondragon!


Adam Warlock
Adam Warlock's cocoon can be seen in the Collector's warehouse.  Could key member of the Infinity Watch appear in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

Watch out for Adam Warlock! 


Mar - Vell
There are rumors of Mar-Vell showing up in Agent's of SHIELD.  It is possible that he could show up or be mentioned in the movie.  Ronan is a Kree alien and so is Mar-Vell.

Watch out for Mar- Vell! 


In the comics Cosmo runs the space station Knowhere that will definitely appear in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Watch out for Cosmo the Space Dog!  


Phyla-Vell is the daughter of Mar-Vell if Mar-Vell appears then she may not be far behind.

Watch out for Phyla-Vell! 


Mantis is one of the telepaths that joins the Guardians of the Galaxy.  She has links to the Kree aliens as well which mean she could make an entrance.

Watch out for Mantis!  


Carol Danvers
It has been rumored that Marvel is planning a Ms Marvel movie.  If this is the case they could introduce Carol in an after credit scene or mention her in passing.

Watch out for Carol Danver aka Ms Marvel!!!!  


Member of the Inhuman Royal Family
A lot of what I am seeing in Agents of SHIELD seems like references to the Inhumans.  Could they make an appearance or be mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy?   If they exist it seems likely that Ronan would know of their existence.

The Inhumans! 

Characters from the Planet Hulk Story
James Gunn shot down the rumor of Guardians of the Galaxy sequel being made of elements of the planet Hulk story.  That said there are Sakaarans in the movie.  There are also what appear to be red skinned Imperial Sakaarans running around Xandar.  There is also potentially a red skinned imperial in a cage in the Collector's warehouse.  Could this be the Red King?  Who knows how many Easter Eggs are in his warehouse.

Characters from Planet Hulk! 
A closer inspection of the Collector's Museum