Guardians of the Galaxy Post Credit Scene SPOILERS MASSIVE SPOILERS

SPOILERS Massive SPOILERS Do you want to know what the After Credit Scene for Guardians of the Galaxy is? Ok Read below. There are two scenes that will appear in Guardians of the Galaxy.  The Mid Credit scene likely offers spoilers on upcoming movies the last…

Top 5 Marvel Places Visited in Guardians of the Galaxy Movie!

The Guardians of the Galaxies are going to visit some of the most important places in the Marvel Universe what are they? 1) Earth -  The home world of Starlord and a bunch of pesky primates who call themselves humans. Earth in the Marvel Universe

SDCC 2014 Trailer for Walking Dead Season 5 reveals massive Spoilers

Massive amount of Spoilers in this video I am amazed how much they show on this. So if you do not want to know do not watch! Related: Fort of the Living- All things Walking Dead Hub How will Rick escape Terminus? What is Terminus? Where is Beth? Who is Gareth?

Agents of SHIELD Season 2 news from SDCC 2014 Spoilers!

 SPOILERS  Patton Oswalt had a panel in Ballroom 20 of San Diego Comic Con and dished out a some HUGE details on season 2 of Agents of SHIELD.  This Season is going to kick off with dynamite like Boom as the war with Hydra gets serious. In order to beef up SH…

Biggest Movie Panels at San Diego ComicCon 2014

Biggest Panels The big panels tend to be movie focused and there was no shortage of them this year so lets dive into Hall H and see what happened this year. Hall H is the mega hall where you have to stand in a separate line in the hopes of getting in.  To get…

San Diego Comic Con Coverage - Groot and Rocket Lego Statue

San Diego Comic Con Coverage 2014 Related Posts: Top 10 Mystery Characters who could appear in Guardians of the Galaxy! There is an obvious buzz at San Diego around the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and one of the highlights on a the Con's floor is a statu…

Top 10 mystery Characters Who Could Appear in Guardians of the Galaxy movie

Top 10 Mystery Characters Who Could Appear in the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie There are some cosmic characters that are not necessarily in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie but they could make a short cameo or be mentioned briefly. Here are 10 characters th…

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