What is Throne World (Chandilar) and other Shi'ar planets

What is Chandilar the Shi'ar Throne World?
Majistrix Deathbird

Chandilar- The Shi'ar Throne World
This is the planet where the Majister or Majistrex (Emperor/Empress) rules the Shi'ar Empire.  It is the administrative hub of the Empire.  It is an artificial planet that was created for the purpose of being the capital planet.  It contains a variety of Bioms designed to mimic the environments of other planets within the empire.  In this way representatives feel at home when visiting Chandilar.
This is the planet that has been most visited primarily in the X-men comics.

Planet Name: Chandilar
Galaxy:  (See Note Below) Triangulum Galaxy (Shi'ar) M-33
System: Unknown though said to be in center of the Shi'ar Galaxy M-33

Note on the Galaxy: Shi'ar Galaxy I am going to assume that the Shi'ar Galaxy is M-33 the Triangulum Galaxy.  I assume this because:
1) Most Marvel Galaxies are based off of real counterparts
2) Marvel has referred to the Shi'ar Galaxy multiple times as M-31. This is wrong because they are already using M-31 (ie Andromeda) as the Skrull's Galaxy.  However, the intention behind calling it M-31 likely means they meant to use a real Galaxy and likely one that was close to M-31.  To me M-33 is a natural fit.  I do think that the Triangulum Galaxy (M-33) is smaller than Andromeda Galaxy (M-31) and I am not sure if that is consistent with all of Shi'ar Galaxy descriptions in the comics.
At any rate this is a bit of mystery if you read this and work for Marvel help me out and let me know what galaxy the Shi'ar are meant to inhabit.

Shi'ar Power and Sphere of Influence The Shi'ar are currently the most powerful alien empire in the Marvel Universe.  The Kree and Skrulls have effectively destroyed themselves in endless conflict.  The Shi'ar now control their entire galaxy Perhaps their pockets of rebellion) and control the greater Magellanic Cloud/Kree Empire.
While powerful not much is known about the Shi'ar galaxy itself.  This seems a little weird because the X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy have both been there a few times.  It seems like they did not gather much in the way of hard facts or at least did not share them.  The Star Systems within the galaxy are mostly unknown.  Also the exact galaxy it resides in are up for questions see note above.

Planets/Systems in the Shi'ar Galaxy

Throne World (Chandilar) - System: Unknown- Said to be in center of Galaxy
Aerie  - System: Unknown- Homeworld where Shi'ar race originated
M'Kraan - System: Unknown- Home of M'Kraan crystal
Standing Still and Other Clench Worlds  - System: Unknown- Rebel planets that avoid being brought into the Shi'ar Empire
D'Bari  - System: Unknown- Was a planet in a system where the star was destroyed by the Phoenix
Mephistod's Homeworld - System: Unknown- Mostly unknown secret world
Epsilon Seikosha IX  - System: Unknown- Homeworld of P!ndyr
Maul  - System: Unknown- Ring of asteroids above a gas planet
Timor - System: Varanus IV -Timorian's Homeworld - Starjammers #1 it is said the Timorian's have been exterminated by the Shi'ar. 
Zhylian Cascadhel Star System - X-men fought a battle here said to be outer limits of the Shi'ar Galaxy.  Do not know if there are other planets of importance here.
Elysialla VII - In Realm of Kings Imperial Guard #5 it is revealed that this planet is used a graveyard memorial ground for the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.
Chr'Yllalisa-Star System: Chr'Yll- Home of Chr'Ylites alien insects that resemble little helecopter shaped flies, 5th planet in system.  I have seen this planet and system placed both within the Milkyway Galaxy and Shi'ar.  Need confirmation.

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