TV Dealthlok look now in comics

Usually, we think of comics effecting TV/Movies.  Comics are just this big crazy sandbox where thousands of ideas are tested and when one breaks out they make their way to a screen.  Recently the reverse has begun to happen.  All of these comic shows and movies are beginning to make their way into the comics as well.

If you have read Secret Avengers than you know that a lot of what is happening in Agents of SHIELD is now becoming canon in the Marvel (616) comics universe.

Coulson is a character in comic form now
Lolla is a vehicle used in Secret Avengers
Did you know that Lolla can go into space?  It apparently it can.

Now a new ripple is taking place with Deathlok.  Deathlok is making an appearance in the Original Sin storyline.  This is the main event for Marvel in the beginning of summer.  We meet a new Deathlok who closely resembles Michael Peterson (played By J August Richards) Deathlok we see in Agents of SHIELD.

Do you like how Deathlok looks?  I am actually a fan of the look but some thought it looks too colorful and plastic looking.  Honestly, I thought it looked pretty awesome given a TV budget.  I would put the Deathlok conversion up against most other TV superhero conversions I have seen.

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