Top 5 Villians to expect in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Who are the type 5 villains in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy?

The villains of movie Guardians of the Galaxy take center stage in the Empire cover above.  I think the three main villains Korath, Ronan and Nebula all look absolutely amazing.  Check out Empire magazine for more amazing pictures.

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1) Korath the Pursuer - Cybernetically enhanced Kree soldier.  Korath is one of Ronan's agents pursueing the mysterious orb that Starlord finds. 

Full Bio: Korath the Pursuer

2) Ronan the Accuser - The Kree's version of a judge, jury and executioner.   In some way Ronan will be working for Thanos.  It is not clear why.  He will likely be the most powerful villain that the Guardians face directly.

Full Bio: Ronan The Accuser

3) Nebula- Ruthless spacepirate.  Nebula will also be an agent of Thanos.  She will have been trained by Thanos along with the hero Gamora.  She will share a deep and messed up history with Gamora.
Full Bio: Nebula
Learn more about Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude #1 

4) Sakaaran Soldiers
The Sakaaran soldiers seem to make up the bulk of Ronan/Thanos's force in the movie
Who are the Sakaarans?

5) Thanos -The biggest of the big bads of the Marvel Universe.  It is unclear how much we will see him in Guardians of the Galaxy.  He will be the primary threat in the Movie Avengers 3.

Who is Thanos?

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