The line at Denver CON 2014 a major success

I will need to write several posts to cover half of what I saw at Denver Comic Con however one of the most important things is what was not there.

The line at Denver Comic Con all but disappeared.

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In the morning volunteers helped point the crowd to the appropriate place they need to line up.  This is never easy as there are all kinds of categories of people.

People who need to buy tickets
People who have tickets but need badges
People with Badges
People with VIP Badges

 It was very organized and very well communicated.  A crowd would build up very nicely and patiently waiting for 10 am.  At 10 AM the doors opened up and everyone walked in.  The pace was a slow walking pace but pretty consistent.  That was it.  Pretty amazing to me that a comic con of this size could avoid the long lines that are constant in most large Cons. After the initial entry there was nothing close to a line the rest of the day.

Last year many people complained about the line.  I honestly think most people in Colorado are not used to waiting in all.  In San Diego the lines are just a well known part of doing anything popular.  In Colorado most people are used to zipping right up to the front or only have 1 to 2 people in front of you.  At a comic con where thousands of people show all at once it is not easy to avoid a line.

Some how the Denver Comic Con planners all but erased the line.  I am not sure exactly how it worked but it did.  I don't think there will be many complaints this year.

My only complaint would be that it would be nice if they extended the hours past 7 pm and opened earlier than 10 am.

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