Meeting Max Brooks at Denver Comic Con

Max Brooks was some what hard to find but I'm super glad we found him.  He was sitting with a company called Avatar Press and its their name printed in the map key.
Max Brooks

He was very nice despite having a constant line allllll day.  He is selling a range of new works that all look awesome.  He has new novels as well as horror graphic novels at the Avatar booth.  He does not charge for signing books or for taking his picture with fans.  He is a very nice down to Earth dude.  My wife bought his graphic novel Extinction Parade and has been enjoying the hell out of it.  He also has a new book that is a historical account of the Harlem Hellfighters a brigade of African American's in WW1.  This also looks awesome.

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My family made the later half of Saturday Zombie focused after Max Brooks we found a Panel on the Cultural Significance of Zombies.   The panel was run by a group of awesome Zombie focused professors and while  I found them fascinating I can't recall their names (I really suck because these guys are awesome).  They mentioned a documentary on a similar topic called "Doc of the Dead" which they are all featured in.  You can find Doc of the Dead right now on Netflix.  If you have been bit by the zombie bug like my family has then you will likely find this interesting.  It actually covers similar material as the panel did.  Actually many of the stars in the documentary were at Denver Comic Con. Both the professors are featured in the documentary as well as Max Brooks and Bruce Campbell.  Anyway if you are curious at all as to why Zombies have become so popular over the past 10 years and want to learn more about their history I would highly recommend checking out Doc of the Dead.

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