Marvel Andromeda Galaxy Map

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The Andromeda Galaxy in the Marvel Universe

Andromeda is home to Xandar and the Skrull Empire

Above is my attempt to map out the Andromeda Galaxy in the Marvel Universe.

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Andromeda Star System by Star System:

 Star System: Tranta

Xandar- Home of Nova Corps
Who are Nova Corps 

Skrull Star Systems: Drox, Tarnax and others ?
Skrullos, Tarnax IV and other Skrull Planets 
Who are the Skrulls? 

 Star System: ? Kym?
Is Morag on GotG actually Kymellia I? 
Planets Kymellia I and II - Home of the Kymellians aliens who look like horse human hybrids.

 Star System: Arago
Planets Arago 7 - Home of the Pheraguts.  Big blue aliens that are superstrong and brutish but sensitive and gently.  They cry if physically punched.  Are peaceful with a democratic government (Hercules #1).

 Star System: Kallu Kan
Planets Kallu -Former home of a technologically advanced race called the Kallusians.  Kallusians had strong pink skin, pointy ears and white/gray hair.  They were forced off their planet by their enemies the Yirbek (Avengers #14).

Star System: Maklu
Planets Maklu IV / Kakarathara - Home of the Makluans.  Highly advanced species with dragon like appearance.  Generally, Makluans are peaceful with a democratic government.    A violent cell of Makluans visited Earth giving rise to legends of dragons in Asia and Britain.  The Mandarin gained/stole his 10 rings from an entombed Makluan named Fin Fang Foom (Ironman).

Star System: Aceta
Planet Krylor - Home of Krylorians. 
Who are the Krylorians? Bereet and the Collector's assistant

Note: I made some adjustments to lore to meet facts.  I made a Tarnax system.  Currently held facts are that both Skrullos and the Tarnax planets are in the same star system of Drox.  This makes absolutely no sense so I created a new Star System called Tarnax that would hold the planets Tarnax II, Tarnax IV, and Tarnax X.  This seems very logical to me. 
Tarnax System is more centrally located in the galaxy.  Drox is more on the outskirts this also makes sense.  Why would the Skrulls change the Throne planet from Skrullos in Drox to another planet unless it were significantly better located to run their empire.  Tarnax must be more centrally located within the Galaxy.
I also could not find what system Kymellia I and II are located in so I placed them in a system called Kym.

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