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Update:  Review of the 17 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy that I saw.  


I don't want to give away any spoilers so I will try to keep my review fairly general.

Questions I had before going in:

Question 1) Will Rocket Raccoon work?

Answer -  Hell yes.  He does more than work he steals the show.  This is saying a lot because the other characters are all bad ass in their own ways.  He is at times hilarious, and at other times sad.

Question 2) Would Vin Diesel's "I am Groot" be cheesy or feel off or wrong

Answer - Never once did I think this voice is Vin Diesel I always heard Groot.  Vin did an amazing job.n

Question 3) Will Guardians of the Galaxy work as a team, work on a film?

Answer 3) Hell yes.  Yes that is my second "Hell Yes" and I am not ashamed of that at all.

Question 4) Will there be any interesting aliens in the movie.

Answer 4)  Yes there were some interesting aliens in the prison scene.  I do not know what they all were or even if they come from Marvel lore.  Most of the people/creatures are some form of humanoid but that is very consistent with the Marvel Universe.

Other Thoughts:

The tone of the movie is a different from anything seen in the Marvel Universe.  It is at times weird, goofy, and at times a little dark but always fun.  The world shown on screen is similarly dark at times, but highlighted in cosmic array of colors.  Emotionally there are light moments and deep moments textured througout.  It is very much a fast paced roller coaster that is going to take you places.

The movie is going to throw a lot at people and those not versed in the Marvel Universe may get confused at times.

Thanos is mentioned much more in the 17 minutes than he was in the previous trailers.  You can definitely expect him to show up in some way fashion or form in the full movie.

Drax is really funny and Bautista is extremely believable smashing heads.

There are funny moments throughout and the humor comes across very well.  The whole theater laughed more in the 17 minutes than in the entirety of the last Adam Sandler movie I saw.

Gamora moves very elegantly and believably.  Actually, all of the Guardians fight differently but I found all of the CGI and their moves believable.  It all worked.  There was no Cat Woman falseness.

The CGI characters Groot and Rocket look amazing.  They don't look fake or video gamey.  Further they will manage to tug on heart string and may turn out to be emotional juggernauts of the film.

The Guardians are not the Avengers.  This is a team structured around bad boys and a very bad girl, they are all different forms of anti-heroes, you don't know what they are going to do.  This seems to add to the fun.  It is like a 5 different kinds of a explosives, smushed together and rocketed out in space.


Original Post:
There are going to be screening of 17 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy at selected theaters on July 7th at 7 pm.  It is through  You can sign up to the site and see if there are opening in your area.

I am definitely going to go.  I will try to dish out a spoiler free review of what I see on the 8th.  From what I have seen most early screening have had positive reviews so far.

If you go to one of the screening feel free to review it in the comments area below but please keep spoilers to a minimum.

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