Conversations at Denver Comic Con 2014

I heard a lot of interesting things at Comic Con here is a sample:

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Rocket Raccoon talk:
  • From Mark Brook's - wife Rocket Raccoon is blowing up.  He is going to be huge after this movie.
  • From Edgar Delgado - I think he is going to be big, I have submitted a sketch of him to Marvel that I hope to start using.  Hopefully, this movie is good.  It looks good but you never know.
  • I don't get it, he is Raccoon but he talks? and he has guns?  This is a real movie?
  • He is cute and furry, I've never read a comic with him but I already love him.
Spider-Man Talk
  • Killing off Gwen Stacey was stupid, they should have killed off Mary Jane
  • Why is the Rhino so dumb, I know he is supposed to be dumb but...
  • Superior Spider-Man was awesome but I am liking the new Amazing Spider-Man too I wish we could have both.
  • The deadlines for getting Amazing Spider-Man out on time are insanely intense
  • Ramos was here, but he left to watch the worldcup, he might be back depending on who wins.
  • Spider-Man Blue broke up Spider-Man's marriage.  After people saw how cool Parker was single they wanted him to go back to that moment.
  • So your telling me this George guy is writing the Firefly story past the Serenity Movie.......HOLY Balls.
  •  George Jeanty- A girl comes out dressed in a perfect Kaylee Cosplay.  I asked her how she is enjoying my new Firefly series and she says What series.  But she knew about my Buffy.
  • I want to buy Mal's wanted poster so I can kiss it

VS Talk:
  • Thanos could Totally Take Ultron
  • A fast zombie is basically worse than everything else
  • If Aquaman could just bring the ocean with him he could rip everyone a new one

  • People need monsters
  • Zombie stories are all based on Westerns, Shane is a influence on multiple zombie movies.
  • Zombies are a way for people to work the uncontrollable events of the future.  The future may suck but if it does at least I can survive.
  • Where is Max Brooks hiding
  • Zombie apocalypse stories sometimes are way for people to live out a survivalist fantasy in a world that is simplified from all of our modern complications
  • Zombies took over in part because vampires ceased being scary, they started sparkling
  • The rise in Zombie fiction can be tied to 9-11 and a general unease rising about death
  • Fast zombies suck
  • I am not scared of Zombies but feet...feet are terrifying

  •  I hate when Assassin Creed characters walk behind me.  I know how those fools work.
  •  When I get rich I am soooo getting a VIP pass
  • Your costume would be better if you were bald.  Can I shave your head.
  • OMG Ahhh (Swampthing character walked up to an old lady)
  • Oh man and then that wookie farted, nothing worse than that
  • Is it just me or is that zombie kind of hot.
  • The Force is strong with this one, (Said by an adult Darth Vader to a kid Darth Vader)
  • The green power ranger has the funnest line, he throws stuff at the crowd and randomly yells go go power rangers.
  • Stephen Amell is so hot, he is like hotter in real life than on the show, He almost killed me when he looked at me, its not right, how is he so hot.
  • Lou Ferigno is like 60 but could still kill me
  • ...and that's when the princesses came and there were like 20 of them.  I ran so fast...
  • Strazynski's Thor Story was the best, Marvel should have never let him leave.
  • I just saw a 7 foot tall guy dressed as Harley Quinn I have never been so terrified in my life
  • "Wouldn't it be cool if the Lonely Mountain Map actually lit up with Moon runes"...."Actually sir we have one that does." (At WETA area) 
  • Why is Fiona Staples's line so long?  She is doing $20 sketches.  What is a sketch is it from Saga or something?

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