Closer Look at the Collector's Museum - SPOILERS

What items does the collector have?  This is a really good question:

Spoilers, Spoilers

The Collector's museum could literally be filled with Easter Eggs from all over the Marvel Universe lets see what we can find in the pictures we have.

Items rumored to be in the museum so far:
-Howard the Duck- A Marvel Character I thought everyone had forgot about.  He had his own movie before everyone else but then disappeared.

-A Dark Elf
Best picture so far of Collector's Museum
-A Chitauri

-Adam Warlocks Cocoon 

What can you see in the pictures above and below? 

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A figure of some sort stands in the cell above.  Potentially a Dark Elf?

I am sure the Collector would love to get his hands on Groot.

A statue on the table - Potentially by Alecia Masters?
The Cocoon that is not Warlocks Cocoon in background to the right
Unknown figures walking around in the back ground

Items on an old desk to the far left.  I can not make them out.  The desk looks like it is human in design so it itself could be something.

Similar to the top picture above.  Beta Ray Bill is on the far right but hard to see in this picture.  In the movie you can see him shifting around with a red cape.

Ebony Maw?

If you look toward the top there is a cage with a humonoid standing.  Some people think this looks like Ebony Maw of the Thanos Black Order.

Ebony Maw has been confirmed as a villain in Avengers Infinity War is it possible he was held in the Collector's warehouse and escaped during the events of Guardians of the Galaxy 1?

Dark Elf from Thor 2

Adam Warlock
Is this Cocoon Adam Warlock.......likely yes..........wait no according to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 this is something else.  What?
Adam Warlock's Cocoon

One item we saw in Thor 2 was a large Cocoon.  This is likely the Cocoon housing the character Adam Warlock.  My guess is he will play a part in Avengers 3.  I would not be surprised to see Adam make an appearance in some way shape or form in Guardians of the Galaxy.

In the top area we see a mechanical sphere.  I am not sure if this part of the museum or part of the collection.

Brood, Beasts, Groot Creatures
It also looks like some large shadows of beast can be seen.  It would not surprise me if one of these is a Brood, and one is perhaps the same species as Groot.

Misc Cells with water/ plants:
There is a cell containing water, and another fauna.  They are two the left and right of the collector I do not know these hold.

Red humanoid prisoner
This is the previous assistant to the collector.

Red figure hunched over sitting

Destroyer/ Collector's Battle Suit
One of the items looks like the Destroyer from the Asgard Vault.  The Collector could have his own Destroyer.  This could also be the Collector's mechanized suit that he uses to enhance his own powers.  This could also be Galdorian Space Knight like ROM.


Toy Update SDCC 2016:
Hasbro has an Exclusive toy they are releasing for SDCC 2016 of the Collector's museum.   The toy includes the characters: The Collectors, Howard the Duck, Cosmo, Moonboy and the Inhuman Lockjaw.  It also includes special Marvel items like the Zodiac Key and the Casket of Many Winters.

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