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What is Xandar in the Marvel Universe?

Welcome to Xandar.

Xandar is a planet within the Andromeda Galaxy of the Marvel Universe.  Xandar has been described as Andromeda’s proudest planet with science far in the advance of any other planet.   It was also at peace.

Planet Name: Xandar
Galaxy: Andromeda - Full Map of Andromeda Galaxy in Marvel
Star System: Tranta

Nova Corps Headquarters on Xandar:
Xandar is well known for being the home and head quarters of the Nova Corps.  The Nova Corps are like the SHIELD of space.  They are empowered agents who go about trying to bring order and justice to the galaxy.  Each agent is given some Nova force based off their rank.  There are 5 ranks in the Nova Corps, Nova Prime (The highest Nova member), Centurians, Denarians, Millennians, and the lowly Corpsmen.  The lower two ranks the Millennians/Corpsman cannot fly or fire energy blast from their hands.  The top 3 ranks can.  The most well known Nova is Rich Rider who has the equivalent powers of a Centurian. The Nova Force originates on Xandar.  Nova corps is tasked with protecting Xandar and the Xandar Worldmind.
The Xandar Worldmind is the collective knowledge and culture of the Xandar people stored in a big abstract computer. That has a mind of its own.

Xandar is home to many species.  Many of its citizens appear human.  It is unknown whether Xandarian is its own race or a collection of races that are citizens.  My assumption is that the actual race Xandarian is human looking in appearance (I say this due to Queen Adora’s human looking appearance).  They have allowed a wide variety of other alien species to join their ranks as both Citizens of Xandar and as members of its Nova Corps Militia.

Xandar is a Constitutional Monarchy ruled by Queen Adora.  Adora looks similar to a human.

Xandar Concept art from GotG movie

Concept Art from GotG movie

Concept art from GotG movie

Xandar is attacked a lot as time goes on.
At one point the planet is nearly destroyed but is saved by Uatu the Watcher.  He helps hold the major pieces of the planet together in a network of connected cities.  It is then attacked by Skrulls but survives.  Is attacked by Nebula and is destroyed.  Nova Rich Rider manages to restart the Xandarian World Mind, which brings back the Nova Corps.  The Worldmind also begins to clone old Xandarians bringing back Xandar at least partially.  Then Xandar is wiped out by the Annihilation Wave.
Bottom line Xandar may seem like a cool place but you might not want to live there.

Xandar will be featured in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.  Below you can see citizens of Xandar, Nova Corpsmen, as well as Ronan’s ship attacking Xandar.  The planet does not appear to broken into domed city connected city states yet.  It is still a whole intact world and a very pretty one by the looks of it. 
 Its population appears to be diversely full of human looking Xandarians and other alien species.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Ronan’s ship the Dark Aster descends upon Nova Corps on Xandar

Dark Aster releasing Necrocraft

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