X-men Days of Future Past Review - A very good and very fun movie

Review of X-Men Days of Future Past


Mostly spoiler free, but there could be some.

X-Men Days of Future Past is a very solid addition to the Fox Franchise.

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I am going to say first that I love the X-men so finding an X movie I don't like is hard.  Maybe the best way to give you an idea of where this movie ranks is by giving Days of Future Past a letter grade and then comparing it to my grade of the other X-men movies:

X-Men 1 - B+
X-Men 2 - B
X-Men 3 - D
Wolverine Origins - C  - I would have given at least a  B- if not for Deadpool ending.
Wolverine - B
X-Men First Class - A-

Where does Days of Future Past rank it is an A a very solid A.  In other words I have ranked it higher than every other X-Men movie.  Is it a perfect movie?  No.  There is no way to manage a time travel story with this large of a caste and have a perfect story.  It also does not strike as hard on social / racial tolerance as the first two X-men which I thought was a bit weird.  Some characters are fodder.  Do you like Bishop or Warpath?  Don't expect them to do much but fight.

Things I liked:
- The Quicksilver scene is awesome and everyone who questioned how he looked (including myself) will be eating a healthy helping of crow.  It is an immensely fun scene.

 - The future scenes offer a view of the bleak future that awaits us if our characters fail.  Upping the stakes throughout the film.  The future Sentinels are terrifying.

- I did not see any bad acting performances but some are spectacular.  Hugh Jackman should just change his name to Wolverine.  Dinklage is awesome and believable as Trask.  Jennifer Lawrence will get her own film with performances like this.  Both Xaviers/Magnetos ruled.

 -The scene where Xavier spoke to himself brought a little tear to my eye damn that was awesome!

-I liked how they basically got rid of the effects of X-Men 3 the Last Stand.

-You get to see Iceman actually be Iceman

-Also my wife wants me to tell all the girls out there that you get to see Hugh Jackman's butt and that it is worth the price of admission.

Things I did not like most of these are pretty petty:
Continuity Questions - There are some huge continuity issues but frankly those for the most part these already existed.  The moment SONY had the idea of merging the old X films into the First Class time line a whole slew of issues pop up. If you are a stickler for continuity you may have issues here. It should be noted that while this movie creates questions it also erases some of the biggest mistakes in the past films.

No Xavier/Magneto Bromance - The movie lacks some of the bromance scenes that were in X-men first class between Xavier and Magneto that were enjoyable.  They try in part but never recapture that relationship.

Not the Original story - The movie is close to the essence of the original storyline but is by no means faithful to it.  The story has been changed  Though I think mostly for the better.  This version put certain fan favorite mutants in more high profile positions.  Being that Chris Claremont shows up in the movie as a senator I think he approves of the changes made and so do I.  However, if you really want to see the 1982 comic story this is not it.

My Really Idiosyncratic Unfulfilled Desire 
I really like the character Iceman and I have always wanted to see him reach his Omega level potential.  I had this thought that as the army of future sentinels are incoming Xavier could have reached out to Bobby and said, "There is only one thing left to do."  Bobby looks at Xavier, nods and says "Do it professor."  Xavier then takes over Bobby's body and uses his powers to the maximum to hold off the future Sentinels.

Here are the major Continuity Issues:
-How did Xavier come back to life in his old body?- There is hinted at in the after credit sequence of the Wolverine.  Xavier appears and tells Wolverine he is not only one with gifts.  The implication is that Xavier moved his consciousness into a body of a comatose twin brother.
-How did Wolverine get his Metal claws back in the future timeline.  This may be explained see below:
 SPOILERS: See for how Wolverine gets his claws back
 -Why no Sentinels in the old X-Men trilogy
- Why did Xavier/Mystique never talk to each other if they were so close in the original X trilogy?
-Why are there two Trasks - One African American and Caucasian.
To Sum Up:
Days of Future Past is full of awesome scenes, strong characters, the plot flows very well, keeps some of the style of First Class, but is a little deeper.  There is a ton to like here.

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