Who is Carina - The Collector's Daugher

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Who is Carina

Who is Carina

The red / fusia woman in the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is named Carina.  Who is she?

In the Comics:
Carina is the daughter of the Collector Taneleer Tivan.  Taneleer is an Elder of The Universe the most ancient and immortal race that began with Big Bang.  Very little is clear about Carina, other than she is in some way the daughter of the Collector.   In the Korvac saga she took a prominent role taking on the role of a spy.  She became a double agent by becoming a lover to the dangerous cyborg Korvac.  During this mission she was given extra powers by her father.

It is not clear if Carina is an immortal Elder of the Universe like her father.  She does appear to be extremely long lived.

Carina appears as an assistant to the Collector in the after credit scene of Thor 2.  She escorts Sif and Volstagg back to see the Collector so they can give him the Aether.  Volstagg remarks that it seems unsafe to keep 2 infinity gems in Asgard.  When the Asgardians leave the Collector says "5 more to go."

I have had trouble determining if it is Carina in the background of the warehouse appearing to be in a cell or someone else.    For up close picture See Post --> What is in the Collector's museum?
UPDATE: The other former girl is the Collector's former assistant. Who is being punished by being locked in a cell.

In Guardians of the Galaxy the character will once again appear.  The Collector will ask Gamora to retrieve an orb, which can be presumed to be an infinity gem.
Carina is played by Opehellia Lovibond in Thor 2 and the upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

In the cinema universe Carina does not appear to be a daughter to the Collector and is only his assistant.  He treats callously like a slave.  I think racially she is simply a Krylorian like Bereet that shows up in Starlord's ship.  I think all of the people with fusia skin and little indents on their cheeks are part of the Krylorian race. 

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