Who are the Kree?


Who are the Kree?

The Kree are a militaristic alien species in the Marvel Universe.  The Kree look generally human, they are stronger that humans and some (Pure Kree) have blue skin.   In the comic 616 universe most Kree have pink skin and appear like a Caucasian human.  In the Marvel Cinematic Universe it appears they will come in blue and a variety of human flesh tones.
They are stronger and more durable humans due to evolving on a planet with higher gravity than Earth.  They require a breathing apparatus on Earth that increases the amount of Nitrogen in the air. 

Kree News:

The Kree are generally stronger than humans.  They have greater technology than Earth.  Some of their advanced technology is unique to them.
 Kree females can sometimes influence men.  They also occasionally have the ability drain one's life force.

Religion/Government -Supreme Intelligence
Kree worship and following the dictatorial Supreme Intelligence.  The Supreme Intelligence is an artificial mind that includes a network of the greatest Kree minds over the ages.  It was originally meant to serve the Kree leaders but eventually usurped control.
The Supreme Intelligence has lost control of the empire numerous times.  At certain times the Kree are ruled by Ronan the Accuser.  Also other alien empires have ruled them including the Shi'Ar and the Inhumans.

The Kree Empire stretches over many planets in a dwarf galaxy called the Large Megallanic Cloud.  The Megallanic Cloud orbits the Milky Way.
Within the Cloud the key home world of the Kree is the planet Hala.   Hala is the planet where the Kree hero Mar Vell is born.  It includes the city Rad Nam, Mar Vell's birth place.  Also Kree Lar one of the largest most powerful States within the planet.  It is also home to "Supremor" also known as the Supreme Intelligence which generally rules over the Kree as a dictator.

Notable Kree:
Mar Vell - Who is Mar Vell?
Ronan the Accuser - Who is Ronan the Accuser?
Korath the Pursuer -Who is Korath the Pursuer?
Doctor Minerva - Who is Doctor Minerva?
Captain Atlas -  
Supremor - Who is Supremor?
Supreme Intelligence - Who is the Kree Supreme Intelligence? 

Fast ways to describe the Kree are -"Advanced but stagnant" or "A Great Empire in decline."  How did they get here.

Static DNA:
Early on in the Kree a Kree attempts to take control of a Universal Crystal that would give him God like powers.  He is thwarted and the Kree race pays the price for this.  The Crystal punishes the entire race of Kree by holding their genes static.  Effectually, while they were more advanced than most species at the time, they are being held back while other races will catch up and eventually surpass them.
Humanity while technologically a backwater has very dynamic genes in the Marvel Universe due to the Mutant phenomenon.  A mutant is destined to destroy the Supreme Intelligence and this causes the Kree to hold humans in great interest.  At one point experiments on humans lead to the creation of another cosmic power the Inhumans.  The Inhuman project was abandoned for unknown reasons.

Pink (Human Flesh Toned) Kree:
The traditional/Pure Kree have blue skin, but they come in other skin colors/tones.
To circumscribe their static DNA the Kree begin breeding with other races.  One successful offshoot of this is the "Pink" Kree.  In the comics the Pink Kree resemble Caucasian humans, which is how Mar Vell is able to infiltrate Earth without anyone noticing.  The Pink Kree in the movies will likely come in a wide range of flesh tones so they can appear Asian, African, etc.  The "Pink" Kree make up 70% of the population of the Kree, however the Blue Kree still retain control of society.  The "Blue Kree" make up a bulk of the Kree elites.  The Kree are fairly supremacist in their views of themselves and no female Kree are allowed to breed with non-Kree, only Males can breed outside the species.  While the inter breeding is occurring due to their own genetic stagnation they still tend to look down on the Kree/Alien hybrids.
Also see -->Why is Korath not blue?
Human are sometimes referred to as Pink Apes by the Kree

Source of Technology
The Skrulls at the time a peaceful race seek out a new species to trade with.  They find the two species the Cotati and the Kree.  The Skrulls offer the gift of intergalactic travel to a species that wins a competition.  A group of Kree and Cotati are left in a wilderness and told to show what they can build.  The Cotati build a magnificent garden and the Kree build a massive, beautiful city.  The Kree are angered when they learn some of the Skrulls favor the Cotati garden over their advanced City.  Taking matters into their own hands they wipe out the Skrull delegation and the Cotati.  They take apart the Skrull ship to learn its secrets.  They go across the galaxy killing off nearly all but a few hidden Cotati and begin a war with the Skrulls.

First Kree - Skrull War and other Wars
After the Kree exterminate the Skrull delegation the two races go to war.  While, the Skrulls begin the war with more advanced technology the Kree are more ruthless and the Skrulls have forgotten how to wage war.  While humans are dragged into some of the conflicts these to be a microcosm of overall never ending conflicts between the two.

Negabomb - Grey Kree
The Kree empire finds 70% of its population wiped out due to a Negabomb.  Initially, they suspect outside sources but eventually learn it was planned by the Supreme Intelligence to jump start their DNA.  For a short time this worked giving rise to a grey skinned Kree species that could instantly evolve to its environment.  In the end the Kree revert back and the Empire is greatly weakened by its loss of population.

Weakened Kree
The Kree end up a state beneath the Inhumans, and the Shi'ar.

Kree in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Universe 9999):
GH 325 alien body of a Kree on Earth

Agents of SHIELD has already shown the body of a Kree. There is also Kree writing and Kree blood seem to be critical parts of the future series.  Kree blood was used to bring back both Skye, and Coulson.  Kree circle/ line patterns have shown up in multiple episodes of the series.

What is GH 325? Alien in Agents of SHIELD
Kree Circle Writing on Agents of SHIELD

Kree will be an important race within the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  Multiple major characters will be Kree in the movie.  Including Ronan the Accuser and Korath the Destroyer.   Ronan the Accuser (A notable Kree) is working for Thanos but he only represents a group of Kree zealots not the full empire. 

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