Top 10 Questions after Agents of SHIELD Finale- Speculation Theories and SPOILERS

The finale tied up some question of the Agents of SHIELD season but left an awful lot of questions still in play.

1) Who or what is Skye?
A great deal of the season 1 focuses on who Skye is.  We are not given an exact answer but there are tons of clues provided.
Who will Skye become?

2) Is Fitz ok?
We know Fitz survives but how was his mind effected. It sounds like he will likely lose his genuis level intellect.  In many ways his intellect is how Fitz has defined himself over his entire life, how will he respond without his intellect? 

3) Ward?  What are his motivations? Who will he become?
We still do not why Ward was so loyal to Garrett.  What did Garrett offer Ward that made him so insanely  loyal to him.  Also Ward is bears a striking resemblance to a major Marvel character could he one day become an Avenger?

Is Ward really Wonderman? 

4) What will happen to Deathlok?
The first season begins with Deathlok being created and ends with him being freed.  It feels like he going to embark on a quest at the end of Season 1.  Will he get his own show?
Deathlok's Evolution during Season 1 
 Agents of SHIELD Deathlok now in Comic Form? 

5) Will our favorite agents go into space.
There are many extraterrestrial indicators in Season 1.  Guardians of the Galaxy is coming out in August.  Will we see our agents in space?

Will Agent's of SHIELD go into Space? 


6) Who are Skye's parents?  What are they?  What happened to them?
Who and what are these Monsters that Raina refers to.  How does Raina know them.  Why does Skye's father appeared burned?

Who are Skye's parents? SPOILERS!

7) Where is Nick Fury going? To Knowhere?
Could Nick Fury actually be going to Knowhere?  There are a few reasons to assume he might.

Where is Knowhere? It is more awesome than you think! 

8) Are the Koenig brothers actually LMDs

Is something funny going on with Agent Koenig? LMD?

9) What will be the focus of the agents next season

What is the future of Agents of SHIELD?

10) Who will be the villain next season?
Many options have been created this season.  They could battle Hydra or any number of supervillains.

Agents of SHIELD Rogue Gallery 

Zac Efron is Ironfist

Zac Efron is Iron Fist

This is speculation on my part, but speculation backed by some hard facts.

See below for more on my reasoning:

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The Origins of Ironfist! Who is he?

It has been reported that Zac Efron has received a Marvel Script
Efron would likely only accept a lead character role
Marvel is hiring now for the Defenders Saga Series with Lead male roles being Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist

Does he look like a super hero?

Efron can not be Luke Cage - Trust me
Efron is not DareDevil because Charlie Cox is DareDevil

Ergo through the process of elimination Zac Efron is Iron Fist, he is our Danny Rand! Well lets say he is if he chooses to be.  I believe Efron is Marvel's top choice right now.

Do you like Efron as Iron Fist?  I think he will work.  There are people who have been calling for a Martial Artist (Which I never thought would happen), there are some calling for an Asian American (Which I thought had a small possibility of happening).  Zac though looks the part of a rich play boy American who becomes one of the best martial artists in the world.  He also has strong acting experience and I think he will do well.  I am curious how they design his costume as that could make or break it.
Who is Iron Fist?
Iron Fist is not the most recognizable character in the Marvel Universe he is however AWESOME!
He is Kung Fu based hero who is most well known for teaming up with Luke Cage in the comic series Heroes for Hire.  See the post below for his Origin (He has a great great Origin Story)

The Origins of Ironfist! Who is he?

Daredevil has been cast for the Netflix series - Meet Charlie Cox

Meet Matt Murdock
Actor Charlie Cox has been cast to play Daredevil in the upcoming Defenders Sage series that will be available through Netflix.

Here is a picture of what he may look like as Daredevil.

Actual Pictures from the set of Daredevil
Embedded image permalink
Actual picture from the Set of Daredevil
WOW its Charlie Cox's chair I know I know not so exciting

charlie cox in daredevil netflix series first photos 04
Charlie Walking with a cane

Suiting up: Charlie was appropriately dressed for a lawyer - but fans have to wait to see his red Daredevil outfit
Hey it looks like he can see

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Zac Efron is Iron Fist

Marvel Short provides first look into Blackgate and Luke Cage?

The other big news is that Marvel lost two directors Wright from Antman and Goddard from the Daredevil show.  Now at the helm of the Daredevil project is the creator of Showtime's "Spartacus" series Steven S. DeKnight.  DeKnight will be taking over the departing Goddard.  Goddard will be focusing on the Amazing Spiderman spin off "The Sinister Six."

Now for the million dollar question - Who is Charlie Cox?
Charlie Cox as Tristan Thorne in Stardust

Cox is an English actor who is most well known for playing a hitman on the HBO show "Boardwalk Empire."  His character Owen Slater did have some action scenes so I think he should be able to handle action in the show.  He also played Tristan Thorne in the movie Stardust.  Will this casting make Daredevil fans happy?  Personally, I like his look better than Ben Affleck for Daredevil.  He is a little more rugged looking. Is anyone worried about his English accent he is not playing a villain after all?
Want to see Charile in action. 

SPOILERS - What does the After Credit Scene in X-Men Days of Future Past Mean? SPOILERS

First I will try to keep this top part SPOILER free, there is an after credit scene in the movie X-Men Days of Future Past so be sure to stick around and see it.  The scene ties into next film.

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Now Spoilers, Spoilers and Spoilers...



Final Spoiler Warning...

Summary of scene - The seen opens with a sea of people bowing down and worshiping.   They are chanting En Sabah Nur which means "The First One."   The scene pans and you see that a pyramid is being constructed by floating blocks assembling a pyramid.

We then see the object of the worshiper's attention a Pharaoh dressed character is staring at the Pyramid, his skin is noticeably blue. The Pharaoh character's attention is focused on the pyramid where it can be surmised he is the one assembling the structure using telepathy.  As the camera further pans we see a silhouette of four riders on horse back looking down upon the sea of people.

The film offers no explanation of this scene so many X-Men movie fans are likely confused.

The scene is a direct reference to an X-men mega villain named Apocalypse.  Next to Magneto, Apocalypse is the X-Men's greatest villain.  His real name is En Sabah Nur (the First One) which references that he is the first mutant.  He eventually changes his name to Apocalypse after being enraged for being spurned by a woman for his blue/gray skin.

Who is Apocalypse? Why is he Important to the X-men? 

 He is an ancient, immortal mutant with vast technology and the desire for dominating all life on the planet.   The scene basically tells us that there is an Apocalypse in this universe, he is ancient like his comic counterpart, and he has / uses four horsemen like his comic counterpart.  He will also have multiple powers that include telepathy that he is using to construct the pyramids.

Who is Apocalypse? Why is he Important to the X-men?

The more you learn about Apocalypse the more the next movie is intriguing.  The X-Men and really no Comic Book Movies come to mind at having attempted to show a battle with something as powerful as Apocalypse.  In many ways it will be like battling Godzilla.  See below for more information on Apocalypse and even how he is defeated.

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X-men Days of Future Past Review - A very good and very fun movie

Review of X-Men Days of Future Past


Mostly spoiler free, but there could be some.

X-Men Days of Future Past is a very solid addition to the Fox Franchise.

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I am going to say first that I love the X-men so finding an X movie I don't like is hard.  Maybe the best way to give you an idea of where this movie ranks is by giving Days of Future Past a letter grade and then comparing it to my grade of the other X-men movies:

X-Men 1 - B+
X-Men 2 - B
X-Men 3 - D
Wolverine Origins - C  - I would have given at least a  B- if not for Deadpool ending.
Wolverine - B
X-Men First Class - A-

Where does Days of Future Past rank it is an A a very solid A.  In other words I have ranked it higher than every other X-Men movie.  Is it a perfect movie?  No.  There is no way to manage a time travel story with this large of a caste and have a perfect story.  It also does not strike as hard on social / racial tolerance as the first two X-men which I thought was a bit weird.  Some characters are fodder.  Do you like Bishop or Warpath?  Don't expect them to do much but fight.

Things I liked:
- The Quicksilver scene is awesome and everyone who questioned how he looked (including myself) will be eating a healthy helping of crow.  It is an immensely fun scene.

 - The future scenes offer a view of the bleak future that awaits us if our characters fail.  Upping the stakes throughout the film.  The future Sentinels are terrifying.

- I did not see any bad acting performances but some are spectacular.  Hugh Jackman should just change his name to Wolverine.  Dinklage is awesome and believable as Trask.  Jennifer Lawrence will get her own film with performances like this.  Both Xaviers/Magnetos ruled.

 -The scene where Xavier spoke to himself brought a little tear to my eye damn that was awesome!

-I liked how they basically got rid of the effects of X-Men 3 the Last Stand.

-You get to see Iceman actually be Iceman

-Also my wife wants me to tell all the girls out there that you get to see Hugh Jackman's butt and that it is worth the price of admission.

Things I did not like most of these are pretty petty:
Continuity Questions - There are some huge continuity issues but frankly those for the most part these already existed.  The moment SONY had the idea of merging the old X films into the First Class time line a whole slew of issues pop up. If you are a stickler for continuity you may have issues here. It should be noted that while this movie creates questions it also erases some of the biggest mistakes in the past films.

No Xavier/Magneto Bromance - The movie lacks some of the bromance scenes that were in X-men first class between Xavier and Magneto that were enjoyable.  They try in part but never recapture that relationship.

Not the Original story - The movie is close to the essence of the original storyline but is by no means faithful to it.  The story has been changed  Though I think mostly for the better.  This version put certain fan favorite mutants in more high profile positions.  Being that Chris Claremont shows up in the movie as a senator I think he approves of the changes made and so do I.  However, if you really want to see the 1982 comic story this is not it.

My Really Idiosyncratic Unfulfilled Desire 
I really like the character Iceman and I have always wanted to see him reach his Omega level potential.  I had this thought that as the army of future sentinels are incoming Xavier could have reached out to Bobby and said, "There is only one thing left to do."  Bobby looks at Xavier, nods and says "Do it professor."  Xavier then takes over Bobby's body and uses his powers to the maximum to hold off the future Sentinels.

Here are the major Continuity Issues:
-How did Xavier come back to life in his old body?- There is hinted at in the after credit sequence of the Wolverine.  Xavier appears and tells Wolverine he is not only one with gifts.  The implication is that Xavier moved his consciousness into a body of a comatose twin brother.
-How did Wolverine get his Metal claws back in the future timeline.  This may be explained see below:
 SPOILERS: See for how Wolverine gets his claws back
 -Why no Sentinels in the old X-Men trilogy
- Why did Xavier/Mystique never talk to each other if they were so close in the original X trilogy?
-Why are there two Trasks - One African American and Caucasian.
To Sum Up:
Days of Future Past is full of awesome scenes, strong characters, the plot flows very well, keeps some of the style of First Class, but is a little deeper.  There is a ton to like here.

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Who are the Nova Corps?

Who are the Nova Corps?

The Corps are a militia of super powered individuals sworn to protect the planet Xandar and its Worldmind.   The members are given power from the Nova Force.  Each member is allocated power from the Nova Force pool based off their rank.  The higher the rank the more power the Nova member has.  The highest ranks can fly, travel in space, are mostly invulnerable, can fire energy blasts and are very strong.  High level Nova members can also create jump portals allowing them move quickly to different locations in the Universe.

Planet: Xandar Planet Xandar Info and Pictures
Galaxy: Andromeda  Full Map of Andromeda Galaxy in Marvel

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On top of the aforementioned super powers the Xandar Worldmind also feeds information to its members.  This allows them analyze situations and enemies and get the necessary tactical information instantaneously.  It also allows them to communicate with one another across the Universe.

The Nova force originates from the Xandar Worldmind.  So long as the Worldmind survives so to will the Nova Corps.  This is how the Nova Corps can continually survive the destruction of their home world Xandar.

Xandar Worldmind
The worldmind is similar to the Kree Supremor computer it is a giant organic computer with a mind of its own.  While Supremor of the Kree is usually a villain the Worldmind is generally benevolent. 

Ranks of Nova Corps
Ranks of the Nova Corps from highest to lowest:

Nova Prime - Highest ranking member of Nova Corps.  Very Powerful with a large pool of Nova Force proviced.

Centurion-  2nd highest ranking members.  Centurions make up the creme of the corps.  Capable of lifting 20 tons.  Can Fly, Fire Energy Blasts, are mostly Invulnerable.  Richard Rider typically has the powers of a Centurion in the comics.

Denarians - Make up the middle tier of the Nova Corps.  Recieve about 75% of the Nova Force of a Centurion.  Can lift around 15 tons and can still fly.  Still mostly invulnerable.

Millennians - They can not fly, or shoot energy blast but can lift about 10 tons.  Have limited invulnerability.  Recieve about 50% of the Nova Force of a Centurian.
Often Millennians make up for less Nova Force by flying in small one-man ships call "Flyers,"  Also carry photon blasters on their armbands.

Corpsman - Are kind of the rookies of the Nova Corps.  They basically have graduated from academy and have made it into the Corps.  It would be wrong to look at them as complete light weights however.  They receive 25% of the Nova Force of a Centurion and with it can lift 5 tons.  They have limited invulnerability.  Corpsman will carry additional gear like the photon blasters to make up for their limited powers.

Syphon Warriors- A different branch of Nova militia members, they recieve a very limited amount of Nova force about 10% of a Centurion and with it can lift 1 ton.  However, a Syphon warrior can become very strong by siphoning energy from other nearby sources.  Syphon training is mandatory for a Nova member to become a Centurion, (Unless you are Richard Rider).

Rich Rider- The earthling Rich Rider is by far the most popular member of the Nova Corps.
Who is Richard Rider - Nova

Rhommann Dey - A centurian Nova leader on Xandar.  Is one of the last survivors of the Nova Corps when an alien Warlord named Zor attacks and destroys Xandar.  He tracks Zor to Earth but is too weak to battle him so he bestows his powers on a random teenager of Earth, Richard Rider.

Firelord - Former herald of Galactus

Airwalker - Former herald of Galactus

Nova Corps will be in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

Rhomman Dey will be played by John C. Reilly

Nova Prime - Highest Ranking Nova Corps Member will be played by Glenn Close


I think this guy's Nova costume was amazing.  It looks like the helmet even has light up eyes.


 Here is very good black Nova costume


This guy did a solid job too

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