Top 10 Questions after Agents of SHIELD Finale- Speculation Theories and SPOILERS

The finale tied up some question of the Agents of SHIELD season but left an awful lot of questions still in play. 1) Who or what is Skye? A great deal of the season 1 focuses on who Skye is.  We are not given an exact answer but there are tons of clues provi…

Zac Efron is Ironfist

Zac Efron is Iron Fist This is speculation on my part, but speculation backed by some hard facts. See below for more on my reasoning: Related Posts: Defenders Saga News Hub

Daredevil has been cast for the Netflix series - Meet Charlie Cox

Actor Charlie Cox has been cast to play Daredevil in the upcoming Defenders Sage series that will be available through Netflix. Here is a picture of what he may look like as Daredevil. Actual Pictures from the set of Daredevil Related Posts: Defenders Saga Ne…

SPOILERS - What does the After Credit Scene in X-Men Days of Future Past Mean? SPOILERS

First I will try to keep this top part SPOILER free, there is an after credit scene in the movie X-Men Days of Future Past so be sure to stick around and see it.  The scene ties into next film. Related Posts: Things to know before you see X-Men Days of Future P…

Who are the Nova Corps?

Who are the Nova Corps? The Corps are a militia of super powered individuals sworn to protect the planet Xandar and its Worldmind.   The members are given power from the Nova Force.  Each member is allocated power from the Nova Force pool based off their rank…

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