Wil Wheaton gives advice on how to deal with bullies to little girl

 Denver Comic Con Highlights: Wil Wheaton

One of the cool highlights of Denver Con was Wil Wheaton and his awesome wife.  Wil is a really chill  guy my wife and I chatted it up with him.  His wife is very cool too (She put up with my wife fawning over him LOL).  We have several overlapping interests: Beer, boardgames, and really all things geeky.  It was great fun to meet the guy.  I also highly recommend checking out his blog.

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One of the highlights from Denver Comic Con was hearing him give some sage advice to a young girl on how to deal with bullies.

It is interesting to me how people like to judge others based off what they enjoy.  My general opinion is that if what you are doing is not hurting yourself or others and you enjoy it,...great.  I may or may not be into it, but it is awesome that you are.

I was dumbstruck when I recently met a couple who said they love DR Who and have thought about going to Denver ComicCon but couldn't because it would be too nerdy.  I was like "WOW uh really your like 40 why on earth would you worry about that at 40."  Are you like stuck in high school or something.  She bristled, "Do you go to them, you don't look like a nerd?"  In my mind I am mostly thinking "WTF how did I end up sitting with someone so stupid, small and sad."  Is there anything more sad in the world than pretending to not like something that you actually like.  To pretend to be someone else because you are worried of giving off this or that impression.   Constantly, I tell my girls to be themselves and to stand up for what they believe NO MATTER the social pressure heaped up against them, because ...People respect courage more than anything else.  Those are the moment when you make real friends.    Even if people try to insult you at first, in the end they respect you.  More importantly who the hell do they think they are in the first place.  At any rate I think I made this lady and her husband mad, because I spotlighted how sad they were.  Here was a guy who is way hotter than her husband, I could bench press him, and makes about double what they both do combined, telling them that they are the nerds, they are the sad ones for not being able to be themselves.  They left quickly afterward, and I partied on.


It does get easier.

Dont be sad, be yourself, and don't bow down to others people's petty bigotry.  You can choose to be a big person, or a small person, and that has nothing to do with what you like.  It has to do with integrity, compassion and courage.  GO BIG PEOPLE.

Full Denver Comic Con 2014 Coverage!

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