Review of Batgirl #28 A Homerun with vampires

Batgirl #28

Spoilers Spoilers and then some Spoilers

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After the lousy Batgirl #27 I was worried that this book would disappoint again.  Nope it rocks, its weird, different and has some fun characters that expand Batgirl's rogue gallery.  First the comic introduces us to a new villain called Silver.  First appearance of a cool character already makes this book off to a rocking start.

Silver is pretty interesting.  Silver is a wealthy Gothamite who believes that Gotham is being controlled by vampires.  Who are the vampires ruling Gotham?  Why Batman and his followers of course.  Meanwhile, Silver believes that the criminals of Gotham are freedom fighters fighting against the tyranny of the Bat.  This belief makes Silver into a crazy mirror image of Batman himself.  Both are wealthy and obsessed with their mission to avenge the loss of their parents.  Both also have assistants that help them in their cause.  Batman has Alfred and Silver has Miss Targa.  Miss Targa seems to be a warrior butler who shares Silver's vampire fantasy.  I wonder if there is more to both of them sharing the same delusion than meets the eye.  Is it simply that Miss Targa is devoted to Silver and does not care that he is crazy?  Or is she somehow manipulating him to believe the fantasy in the first place?

How does Batgirl get involved with Silver?

Well apparently Silver believes a young mute girl is a vampire queen and is holding her hostage.  Strix an assassin who was trained by the Court of Owls seeks out Barbara to help find and rescue the girl.  Strix being mute herself empathizes with the young kidnap victim.  The two thus set out and quickly run right into Silver.  Fighting breaks out between the two groups.

The book features quite a bit of action.  The panels explaining Silver are fascinating.  The big sister like relationship of Batgirl to Strix is fun.  Strix is a new character to me but an awesome addition.  All and all it is a great book and should be one you pick up.

Also Notable:
First appearance of Silver
First appearance of Miss Targa (Silver's assistant)

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Final Verdict:

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