Review of Batgirl #27 Welcome to GothTopia want some Icecream?

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This issue did not do much for me.  Barbara wakes up in a universe where suddenly Gotham is this great peaceful city.  Batgirl now called Bluebelle (Named after the icecream I guess) and her GothTopia version of Nightfall (They are best buds in GothTopia) are startled find someone trying to murder people through poisoned ice cream.  We see panicked parents tell Barbara that their kids are at a field trip at the Ice Cream Factory.
At the factory we meet a villain who is a mom trying to poke a hole in the fake GothTopia facade and bring out the real terrible Gotham.

Unless you are really into GothTopia I would say skip this one.  Perhaps, the most interesting thing in the book is seeing the terror on the faces of the victims and feeling the genuine worry of parents for their children.  I guess I am not the type of guy that enjoys books about freaked out parents.  After the last issue this Issue was a real disappointment for me.

Final Verdict:
Skip It

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Comic News and Reviews 
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