Review of Batgirl #26 Simone ends Wanted Arc on a Stong Note

Batgirl #26

Gail Simone
Daniel Sampere
Jonathan Glapion

Some Spoilers:

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This is the first of the series I picked up.  It is the end of the "Wanted" story arc where James Gordon wants to arrest Batgirl for murdering his son James Gordon Jr.  This all seems a bit silly by Gordon because his son was a psychopathic murderer threatening to kill Gordon's wife.  Gordon's beef with Batgirl seems a tad dramatic for the normally level headed Gordon.

The book begins with four metahumans being sent by Knightfall to kill James Gordon.  Batgirl crashes the party literally by driving her motorcycles into the house.  Her father (Gordon) and Batgirl manage to retreat farther into the house.  Knightfall tells her metahumans via a phone call to Bonebreaker to kill both Batgirl and Gordon and blame the murder on Batgirl.  She also tells another metahuman to burn down the house if the team inside fails.  Gordon is forced to work with Batgirl to fight off the foes.

A great series of action sequences unfolds that I won't spoil.

In the end Gordon puts a gun to Batgirl's head and tells her that she is under arrest.  Batgirl retells the story with James.  Basically, pointing out how stupid Gordon is being.  He then lets her go.  She offers to show her face to him.  Babs basically really wants to come clean to her Dad, but he refuses.  He does not want to know the face under the mask.

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Final Verdict:

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